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We will go where we wish!

We declare freedom!

We walk in freedom. We talk in freedom. We stand in freedom. We will not hand over our freedom to a rogue government with a despot thief in charge. We will not bow to this tyranny. We will bow to Jesus! He is the Lord of Lords. He is the King of Kings. He is worthy. He is righteous. He is holy. Selah.

We say! The LORD is for freedom.

“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free.” Galatians 5:13

We say! The LORD is for Liberty.

“Where the Spirit of the LORD is there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17

We say! The LORD is for us and not against us.

The LORD is with us. The LORD will strengthen us and He will give us peace. He is not far off. He is not caught off guard. He is the Father and He is good.

The LORD of the Angel Armies! He will repair the breach and send his holy warring angels to do his bidding upon the earth. He will restore what is lost and return what has been stolen. He will crush the head of these spiritual enemies never to rise again. He will cause us to TRIUMPH over the enemy.

We declare! We will not be shackled. We will not be fenced in. We will not be mandated or coerced or forced. We will not fear. We will not be afraid. We will not be silent. We will stand up and speak out. We will walk in freedom! We will walk in the strength of the LORD!

“By my power I will make my people strong, and by my authority they will go wherever they wish. I, the LORD, have spoken!” Zechariah‬ ‭10:12‬

So be it. In Jesus name.



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