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Telegram is a Twitter/X alternative. It is a social chat. I post a variety of videos, articles and current events on my Telegram page that I do not put on this blog or on the Facebook Prayer Page.  Click the box above to subscribe.


Gab is a FB alternative. The founder loves Jesus! They have News also. They have a TV channel and more! I don't do much here yet but have the account setup. Click the box to subscribe.


Join my Facebook Prayer Group which I started at the onset of Covid. It has evolved over the past four years and we are now focused on kingdom business (much like this blog). This is a huge group with 23,000+ members. You can post prayers and encouraging scriptures as often as you like. Click the box above to join. I would love to see you there!

Join IFA / Intercessors for America. They have great articles. Interactive maps to pray on. Headline Prayers to prayer over. and tons of great resources. It's all free and you can donate if you like.


Disclaimer: Why all the barn photos? Just because I love barns. I was a city girl with a country heart. Now I'm a mostly country girl with a very country heart.❤️

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