Shout for Joy!


We shout with a voice of triumph.

We shout with a voice of praise.

We shout unto you because you have given us the victory! You have caused us to triumph over death, hell and the grave. You have caused us to triumph over our enemies.

Even though we feel like we have been exiled to the camp of the enemy. We trust in the strength of your name. We trust in the might and power of your Spirit. It is not by might. It is not by power. It is by the Spirit of the LORD! He will cause us to LEAP over the heads of our enemies. We leap! We leap! We leap!

We declare that the wicked SHALL NOT dwell in the land of the godly. They SHALL NOT dwell in America. With the authority of the LORD! We tear down these wicked and vile idols built up around us. We pluck them up by their roots and cast them from our shores. We declare they are banished from this land of freedom never to return.

We declare! We will NOT participate in their debachery. We will NOT fall prey to the lies of this woke culture and the howling hounds of media, the “elite” and Hollywood. We will not be deceived any longer by these forked tongue politicians out for their OWN gain and their millionaire status at the expense of We The People.

Come! O Mighty LORD with your Host of Heaven and banish the wicked and the perverted from America. Banish them from our government. Banish them from our education system. Banish them from the media, the arts and business. Banish them from the church and make every crooked path straight!

“Restore our fortunes, LORD, as streams renew the desert. Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭126:4-6‬

We may have been weeping for a season but you have turned our weeping to JOY. We sing for joy. We shout for joy. We make a joyful noise unto the LORD! O Hallelujah!

You have turned our mourning to dancing. You have given us beauty for ashes. You are sending the latter rain. You are sending the winds of revival. You are sending your presence out before us as you trample the enemy camps across America and the earth.

You are sending signs, wonders and miracles. You are sending salvation and deliverance. You are sending the harvest. We feel it. We sense it. We stand at the ready filled with joy at the wonder working power of your hand over our Nation and the Nations of the earth.

We declare! America shall be saved!

Shout for Joy!

So be it! In Jesus name.