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We will NOT concede.

Almighty God!

You are the Righteous King!

You are the King of Kings!

You are the Lord of Lords!

You are the God of Heaven!

This is what the God of Heaven says!

“The feet and toes you saw were a combination of iron and baked clay, showing that this kingdom will be divided. Like iron mixed with clay, it will have SOME of the strength of iron.

“But while some parts of it will be as strong as iron, OTHER PARTS WILL BE AS WEAK AS CLAY. This mixture of iron and clay also shows that these kingdoms will try to strengthen themselves by forming alliances with each other through intermarriage.

“But they will NOT hold together, just as iron and clay do not mix.

“During the reigns of those kings, the GOD OF HEAVEN WILL SET UP A KINGDOM that will never be destroyed or conquered. It will CRUSH all these kingdoms into NOTHINGNESS, and it will stand forever.”

‭‭Daniel‬ ‭2:41-44

O Hallelujah!

These kingdoms set up against America. They will not stand. We declare it to be true based on the fact that God is still on the throne and still in control. These strongholds and kingdoms are divided. These strongholds and kingdoms they only have SOME strength.

The God of Heaven and Earth! He will crush these demonic kingdoms. He will crush these weak clay kingdoms into nothingness.

The LORD GOD will stand!

His throne will stand!

His Word will stand!

His truth will stand!

His justice will stand!

His righteousness will stand!

His kingdom will stand and is without end!


We will not give in.

We will not give up.

We will not concede!

In Jesus name. So be it!




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