We fix our eyes on you. The Creator of the universe. We fix our eyes on Jesus. The Saviour of the World. We will not look to the left or to the right. We will fix our gaze on truth. We will not fall prey to the propaganda sent forth by the false prophets of Baal. We ignore these sideshow distractions!

We do not fix our eyes on those set against truth, justice and righteousness. We will not participate in these sideshow distractions. We do not lend our ears to those set out to destroy this Nation. We rise up and follow the path of the LORD. He is in control. He is the author and the finisher. He will finished what he has started.

We declare SILENCE over the fear mongering crowd pushing the latest covid hoax threats. We declare the people will not fall prey to this latest guise. Spirit of God cause these fear mongering words to fall on deaf ears. We declare they are resounding brass gongs and screeching clanging cymbals.

We shun the lies!

We shun the deception!

We shun the trickery!

We shun the propaganda!

We declare TRUTH to rise up and every lying mouth and those perpetuating fear to be silenced! We rise up with the authority of the LORD and say NO MORE! No more lockdowns. No more masks. No more isolation. No more of your heinous crimes against mankind. No more of your lies and deception. Your evil is being exposed and we shun your cackling voices.

We will follow the Voice of the LORD!

We will walk in the Wisdom of the LORD!

We will stand in the Truth of the LORD.

We will stand in our God given freedom.

We will stand in faith. We will not fear.

We will stand and we will not bend.

We will stand and we will not bow.

We declare over the mayors and governors of these United States that they WILL NOT BOW to the pressure of the cabal and the deep state. We decree and declare a protective hedge around every Mayor, Governor and Legislator standing up against this tyranny. Around every audit that is exposing the fraud. Around every media influencer and attorney speaking truth. Around every doctor and nurse fighting to let the truth be known for their patients and the people of the earth.

And for those who are oppressing the people, imprisoning the innocent and involved in human trafficking. We call forth the judgement and convicting Presence of the LORD to surround them at every turn. Bring them to their knees with the weight of your GLORY. Bring them to repentance and remorse for their wrongdoings. We declare! Nothing is too hard for the LORD! He will release the captives and set them free! He will snap the chains of oppression and false imprisonment over the innocent.

O LORD of the Angel Armies surround and protect the people of this Nation and the Nations of the earth from this demonic onslaught. We bind these demons from hell that have infiltrated this land by the power of the Holy Ghost. We bind them on earth to be bound in heaven by the Hand of Almighty God. We speak failure over them. We speak futility over their plans.

Come! LORD of the Angel Armies! Loose the winds of change and cause them to blow north, south, east and west. Loose the winds of reformation and revival. Loose the winds of freedom. O LORD! Rise up over this land and the lands across the seas. Rise up and rescue us from the devourer for the sake of your people, for the sake the children and for the sake of your Glorious Name.

Thank you LORD for every wrong that is being made right. Thank you that you are here among us. Thank you for your wisdom that will protect and guard us. Fill us with discernment so we can discern the good from the evil and the truth from the lies. Thank you that you have given us Your Word to be a light to our path and a lamp to our feet! We FIX OUR EYES on you and you alone!

In Jesus name. Amen!