Creator God


LORD of all Creation.

Yes! You are LORD of all the earth.

“In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth!” Genesis 1:1

“You alone are the LORD. You have made the heavens. The heaven of heavens with all their host. The earth and all that is on it. The seas and all that is in them. You give life to all of them and the heavenly host bows down before You.” Nehemiah 9:6

We remind ourselves of this today as we start out this new week. Another week that YOU are in control. Another week that lies will be revealed. Another week when truth will take another step closer to the front of the line. We declare that every lie shall be revealed!

We come against those that want to kick the proverbial can down the road. We come against complacency and apathy in the American people and in the Church. We push back against this communist coup that wants us to “yield our rights to the government”. We say NEVER! We will yield only to the LORD of all Creation!

We kick compliance out the door. We remind the enemy today. We will NOT comply! O No No No! We will not comply to this woke culture. We will not comply to idolatrous hollywood. We will not comply to corporate elites who have no business telling us what we should or shouldn’t do. We will NOT comply!

We will NOT bend to this freedom stealing pressure. We will stand ramrod straight in the face of adversity! We declare like Moses: LET MY PEOPLE GO! In Jesus name. We declare to this Jezebel stronghold! Your grip is loosening and your tentacles of manipulation, lying and deception are being severed from the earth! You will have NO HOLD over us, our children or our Nation!

We will NOT bow to the demands, mandates and edicts of this usurping demonic kingdom. We are not robots made by human hands. Nor are we made to bow down to human rulers. O No No No! We are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Hands of Almighty God. He alone formed us in the womb. He alone knows our hearts and minds. He alone knows are comings and our goings.

We declare that the LORD strong and mighty is going before us. He is making every crooked placed to bow down to His Command and to His Lordship. He is unleashing His Spirit upon the earth! He is undoing the wrong that has been done to mankind. He is uncovering the darkness that seeks to extinguish His Light and to extinguish the Name of Jesus!

O Hallelujah!

We declare! He is the LORD of the Earth. He is the LORD of all Creation. He is the LORD of America and the Nations. He is the LORD of LORDS AND KING OF KINGS! Nothing and no one can usurp His Kingdom! He is the LORD of ALL!

In Jesus name. Amen and amen.