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Today! You are the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Today! You are the invincible one! Today! We declare your glory over all the nations of the earth. Today! We declare your fiery anger upon every enemy who has risen up against us.

We declare your healing spirit to rise up over our President. We declare he will live and not die. Today! We declare he is the healed of the Lord. We declare swift, succinct healing down to the root of this wicked virus. We declare lungs to breathe and heart to beat. Fever stay gone! Fatigue leave! Rest and refreshing strength rise up over him!

Today! We declare swift healing over the entire staff and the First Lady. Over every one sickened by this nightmare of covid throughout the world. We say again! Yahweh! Nothing is too hard for you! Today! We declare the spirit of covid fear will dissipate. Faith rise up and consume the fear.

We proclaim President Trump is appointed and anointed of the Lord for such a time as this. We proclaim he is the protected of the Lord. We proclaim the life giving Word of the Lord over him. We proclaim the shield of the Lord surround him at all times to thwart the plans of the evil one!

How dare the nations plan a rebellion. Their foolish plots are futile! Look at how the power brokers of the world rise up to hold their summit as the rulers scheme and confer together against Yahweh and his Anointed King, saying: Let’s come together and break away from the Creator. Once and for all let’s cast off these controlling chains of God and his Christ!

Oh yes. Yahweh! You see these foolish, rebellious workers of iniquity. They come after this President and they come after us as the church. Their end game is the destruction and removal of the church and everything righteous and good. But they do not have the final word. Oh no!

God-Enthroned merely laughs at them; the Sovereign One mocks their madness! Then with the fierceness of his fiery anger he settles the issue and terrifies them to death with these words: I myself have poured out my King on Zion, my holy mountain.


Hallelujah! Jesus is the King! And he will NOT be moved! And all who oppose him will be crushed! The enemy is crushed. Covid is crushed. Fear is crushed. The rioters are crushed. Socialism is crushed. The root of this evil is plucked up and plopped down to be crushed by the hand of Yahweh!

Ask me to give you the nations and I will do it, and they shall become your legacy. Your domain will stretch to the ends of the earth. And you will shepherd them with unlimited authority, crushing their rebellion as an iron rod smashes jars of clay!

Ha! Enemy you are crushed and smashed. You better listen up to the Word of the Lord! You are being returned to sender. You will be returned to the depths of hell and your dungeons of darkness where you and your demonic minions belong. Yahweh’s wrath has been kindled and we call upon his warring angels to come crush and consume you!

O Jesus. Our King enthroned in Zion! We follow after you and your blazing eyes of fire and pursue the enemy in a flat out run to settle this issue once and for all.

So be it!


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