With Thankful Hearts!

We give thanks to you, O LORD because you are good. We give thanks because your mercy endures forever. We praise the name of the LORD for he is worthy to be praised. We lift up holy hands in this Sanctuary of Praise and we declare the faithfulness of Our God. We praise him for his powerful, unfailing love and his faithfulness that endures forever. Selah.

We come before the Throne of Heaven today knowing that you will answer our prayers. Just because you are good and your faithful love endures forever. Just because you hear us in our distress and you will answer and set us free from the oppression of the wicked.

I will say of the LORD, he is my refuge and strength. I will say of the LORD, he will withhold no good thing from those who love him and are called according to his divine purpose. I will say of the LORD, he has set my feet upon a rock and lifted me high above mine enemies. I will not be moved. I will not fear. I AM PERSUADED that He is able to keep that which we have committed unto Him! Oh yes! I. Am. Persuaded.

I will say of the LORD, HE IS FOR ME. HE IS FOR YOU. HE FOR AMERICA. HE IS FOR THE NATIONS. Therefore, we will have no fear. No fear. No fear. What can these mere mortals do? What can they do when the LORD God Almighty is for us?

We look in TRIUMPH at the enemy We look in TRIUMPH at the plans, schemes and lies of the enemy. We look in TRIUMPH as the people made in the image of God. We stand in TRIUMPH alongside El Elyon, the Most High God as he scoffs and laughs at the futile plans of this useless enemy.

We pick up the AUTHORITY OF THE LORD and we destroy these hostile kingdoms setup against freedom. They can swarm like bees and crackle like fire. But we will STAND IN VICTORY with our faces set like a stone. Our feet planted in the Word. Our hands have been set to the plow and we are not looking backward. We press forward toward the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ.

We do not accept the deception and lies of these demonic strongholds. We are not bound by the these derelict and demonic decrees against mankind. We walk in our God given freedom. We sing a song of deliverance in the presence of our enemies. We sing a song of resurrection power. We sing a song of salvation for the lost and a song of revival for the church.

We open the gates of America for revival! Come forth all ye sinners! Come forth all ye righteous! Come forth! Miracles! Signs! Wonders! We open the gates for the Voice of the LORD to thunder across the earth. We OPEN THE GATES for his presence to flood the Nations. Come, O Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. We invite you to come through the gates!

“OPEN FOR ME THE GATES where the righteous enter, and I will go in and thank the Lord. These gates lead to the presence of the Lord, and the godly enter there. I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me victory!” Psalms‬ ‭118:19-21‬

Let the righteous sing out the VICTORY has already been won. Let the righteous dance around the throne of our Gracious King. Let the righteous link our arms, hearts, minds and spirits as we rejoice in God our Savior. Let the righteous be thankful! Let the righteous be glad! Let the righteous be unwavering!

O Hallelujah! Let the righteous be VICTORIOUS and may the face of the LORD OUR GOD shine upon us today!

We present this sacrifice of prayer and praise to the One who sits on the throne and unto the lamb. We bind it with cords of thanksgiving and lay it upon your altar. May it be pleasing to your holy and righteous name.

In Jesus name. Amen and amen.



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