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Who are you?

O Majestic Lord!

We declare your Word to the heavens. We declare it to the nations. We declare it to our enemies. We declare it to the darkness. We declare it to the mountains of greed, lust, power, deception and control that have been mounted in front of us!

So he answered and said to me: This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.

Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of grace, grace to it!

This is the Word of the Lord over America and President Trump. We decree that the Lord has begun a good work in America and he will complete it. No diabolical weapon formed against you will prosper. The enemy cannot stop what the Lord has started by his Spirit. Enemy! You must bow low.

This is what the Lord says to us as the church. Standing in the gap and fighting for our freedom. He that the Son sets free is free indeed. And we will walk in freedom and we will rally together. And we will fight in the spirit for this Nation. And we will declare the blessing and favor of the Lord upon our children and children’s children.

Rise up! O spirit of the living God. Set your angels at the ready to pierce the darkness setup over the elections. Set them as a guard to the gates. Lock the doors to the enemy. Shine the light on the criminals seeking to steal this election. Use the might and power of your Spirit to thwart the plots, plans and schemes of the enemy.

O Mighty God. Knock flat the mountains and mountains of lies that have been set before the American people. Knock flat the covid lies. Knock flat the lies over this President. Knock flat the lies about America. Come in like a mighty flood! Expose the wicked! Reveal the truth! Reduce them to rubble and wash them away.

O Mighty Spirit of God. Come down to the earth! Loose your might and power over this vile, wicked to the core Jezebel spirit. We unite in Spirit and tear down down down this web of Jezebel that has been spun over our government. Expose the wicked! Pull the covers aids and expose every wicked scheme and scandal.

We tear down the web that is entangled and enmeshed in corporations and elite circles. Spirit of God! Shut the mouths of these loud mouthed vile, arrogant, self serving politicians and elitists that have succumbed to this vile spirit. Loose them and open their blinded eyes to see.

This is what the Lord says to the mountain! Who are you! Who are you! Be flattened! You cannot stand up against the Lord. The One who says grace upon grace. Favor upon favor. Blessing upon blessing. We declare the blessing of the Lord over this Nation and the Nations of the earth!

So be it!



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