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We Are Yours

Heavenly Father.

You have made it all. Heaven is your throne. What a sight the heavens are to our mortal eyes. The earth is your footstool. What a great great God you are to have created all this beauty that surrounds us. We are like grasshoppers compared to your gigantic splendor. We worship you. We stand in awe of you. We humble ourselves before you and you alone.

Oh Lord. We know you have been provoked by anger over our neglect of the Rock that formed us. Over our worship of useless idols. We have been a twisted generation. Lovers of self and lovers of things. More than lovers of God. Merciful Father. Have mercy on us as your repentant children. We humbly come before you bowing before the goodness and mercy. Look on us kindly and grant us favor.

When we think of the earth and man. That you are even mindful of us. We praise you! In the midst of all this mayhem and madness. Chaos and confusion are the choice words of the day. People choosing their own ways. They delight in their detestable sins. Deliberately distorting truth. Deliberately destroying lives. Deliberately denying your very existence. Still we praise you!

Oh Lord. Come to us with fire on your swift chariots that roar like a whirlwind. Bring punishment with the fury of your anger upon our enemies. Bring the flaming fire of your hot rebuke to those trying to destroy President Trump and Vice President Pence. Yes! Punish them by your fire and by your sword. Wield your mighty weapons against our enemies and deliver us. We will sing a song of deliverance. We will dance the dance of victory in the middle of the enemy’s camp. Oh! Yes we will.

We know you see our enemies. We know you hear them taunting us. We know you see us crying out on our nation’s behalf. We are under assault! We don’t whimper and cower away. We stand up in the face of the enemy. We sing a song of deliverance! Ho! You are the rock. The solid rock Christ Jesus. You cannot be overcome! Your deeds are perfect. Your ways are righteousness and truth. Yes! They are! Everything you do is just and fair. You are the faithful one who does no wrong. You are just and you are upright. We say! Hallelujah!

You alone have established the boundaries of America. It is a miracle nation. Surely you have watched over us and surrounded us. Thank you Lord! You have guarded us like you would your own eyes. Like an eagle that raises her chicks and hovers over her young. Come and spread your wings wide and carry us away to safety. Where we are sheltered and secure from the storms that rage around us.

Come and rescue us! Nourish us with honey from the rock and olive oil from the ground. Lead us. Guide us. We are yours.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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