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We say! God Bless America!

We say! God Bless President Trump!

We say! God Bless the Ekklesia!

We declare! No weapon formed against this Nation shall prosper. No weapon of covid. No weapon of mass destruction. No weapon of terror. No weaponized vaccine. No weapon! No weapon! No weapon!

We push back the gates of hell. We pickup our shield of faith and push down this demonic attack. We bind these demonic weapons on earth to be bound in heaven. Almighty God call forth your Host of Heaven to come to our aid.

We stand with the authority of the LORD and push against those rising up against LIBERTY in America. We push back tyranny. We push back lies. We push back deception. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered! Let truth and freedom arise all across the land.

Let the Sons and Daughters of Liberty rise up and stand strong in the face of adversity. We will not bend. We will not bow. We will walk in freedom! Our flag STILL stands for freedom and they are not going to take it away!

O LORD of the Angel Armies. We daily come before the throne. We daily knock on Heaven’s door. We daily seek your face. We are the called, the chosen and the redeemed. We declare! We shall see the salvation of the LORD in the land of America!

We will ask. We will seek. We will knock. We will hear from heaven and you will save and heal our land!

In Jesus name. Let it be so!




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