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Ain’t No Grave

Father God.

The remnant is AWAKE. We are not rising. We are standing. STANDING FIRM. NOT EASILY SHAKEN. BOLD AND COURAGEOUS. We know in our spirits by our own common sense and by your Word from your prophets and divine revelation that things are not what they seem! Oh no! They are not!

This Nation is not what it seems. They report division and strife. We see Patriots rising up! We see flags flying. We see patriotism and love of country and love of each other.

The covid is not what it seems. They report fear fear fear! We see rising cases because of more and more and more testing, repeat testing, inaccurate counts, faulty positive tests and the list goes on. We see 99% recovery rate. We see that deaths are minimal. We use our common sense and discernment and we see what they are doing!

The election is not what it seems. They report victory. Our enemies say concede. We say NEVER! We see a heist in progress of epic proportions. We see the deep state being revealed and lies being uncovered.

The church is not what it seems. Some are hiding and silent. Some are woke. Our enemies say shut the doors and throw away the key. We see a remnant of God standing strong in the armor of God and not shutting up, not backing up and not backing down. We decree and declare the salvation of the Lord over America. We remind the enemy we are VICTORIOUS!

We declare the words of life from Jesus over the people of America and the Nations of the earth! WAKE UP! Get up out the tomb and live! Shed the grave clothes. We were not meant to LIVE IN A CAVE of death. COME FORTH! All is not lost. I am the healer. I am the resurrection and the life. You will live and not die. We declare boldness and courage upon the people!

Jesus asked, Do you BELIEVE this Martha? Do you believe I am the resurrection and the life? Jesus! You ask us. Do you believe? Do you believe this America? Do you believe this people of the earth? Do you believe this church?

THROW OFF THE GRAVE CLOTHES! Pickup boldness and courage as your mantle. Get UP out of the grave and live! Pick up the MANTLE of Elijah and strike the waters of doubt and confusion. Holy Spirit of God! Come overshadow us with a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. We STRIKE the waters and cry out. Where is the LORD God of Elijah?

We STRIKE the swirling waters of covid. We strike them and EXPECT them to part. Where is the LORD God of Elijah? We strike the lying mouths and tie the oppressive hands of those suppressing and oppressing citizens of America. LORD God reveal their hypocrisy. Reveal the covid truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We STRIKE the swirling waters of this election. We strike them and EXPECT truth and righteousness to prevail. Where is the LORD God of Elijah? We expect these vicious, thieving enemies to be EXPOSED and completely destroyed and defeated. In Jesus name. Expose Dominion. Expose cheating and stealing. Expose theft, corruption and the deep deep state. LORD God come and destroy the works of the enemy!

Holy Spirit come like a rushing mighty wind all across the earth. Rush in and surround and protect those who have risen up to fight this great deception in America. From the attorneys fighting the election fraud to the doctors rising up all across the Nation and the earth to fight this covid deception. Send your holy anointing like winds of fire and cover them.

Let their words of TRUTH be released to America and the Nations. Shut the mouths of the lying prophets of Baal. Shut their mouths. Tie the hands of every oppressive mayor and governor. Tie them up in their own deception and cause them to stumble and fall. We call forth the fury and wrath of God upon these enemies of freedom and declare they will REAP what they have sown.

Come Lord Jesus in your mighty strength and power. Split the heavens and let your life giving flow cover the earth. Jesus! Call us out! Out of the caves. Out of the grave clothes. Out of fear and doubt. We will walk out by FAITH! We will walk out fully AWAKE and AWARE of what’s going on. We are not woke and cowering but standing strong, tall and rock solid.

Here we come. Here we come. Here we come walking out of the grave in truth and life. We declare! Ain’t NO CAVE OR GRAVE gonna hold this body down!

So be it!


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