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Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

Father God.

In the beginning you created it all. You are the God of all creation. You were there even before the beginning. You have it all your hands. We are but worms not vipers of the serpent’s seed. You have considered our low estate and caused us to rise up from the ashes to be warriors standing tall. We have become strong and mighty threshing instruments!

We have been called and chosen to execute the plans of the Lord Most High. We are the instruments of his hands. We will not be discouraged. The LORD has called us from the ends of the earth. We say! Here we are! Here we are! If you can use anyone Lord. Use me! Use my brothers and sisters to reach this over-the-top sin sick world.

We are your chosen servants. We are not afraid! We are not discouraged. We are ones of great hope! We will see the enemies of America and President Trump lying in the dust confused, exposed and humiliated. Those who oppose us will come to nothing! They must and will bow before the King of Kings!

You are the Lord our Redeemer. Help us to redeem the time as your threshing instruments. We thresh out the chaff from our government halls and replace the old guard with a new righteous and holy guard. We separate the wheat and place them in positions of righteous power and declare blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.

We declare that you are the Lord over America! We rebuke every statement made that America is not a Christian nation. In Jesus name. We declare America to be a Christian nation founded on the principles of God Most High. We will not bow down to these demons of Molech and Baal. We will rid our nation of their atrocities. We thresh them out like wheat to be tossed into the air for the wind of the Spirit to scatter them away like the whirlwind in the storm.

We declare that our enemies are our bread! We call upon the Lord of the heavens and the earth to open up the rivers of righteousness to flow through our land once again. We declare America is not to be defeated at the hand of these socialists. The Lord will rise up among us and give us fountains of water in these desolate valleys of despair. He will give us victory!

We rise up above this anarchy, confusion and chaos and we proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord. We rebuke the lies and deception of our corrupt and perverted leaders. We will walk in the light of the truth. We declare their words will fall on deaf ears and their actions will become less than nothing. Yes! Less than nothing.

We call forth the hand of God and his holy warring angels to come and settle over this election. The enemy has no right or cause. He will not silence us, push us into the corner or into the caves of darkness. We will walk unfettered into the light of the glory of our redeemer and savior. Jesus! The one who came to set the captives free! The one who established the church that cannot and will not be destroyed.

Woe to these vipers! Those that call good evil and evil good. Woe to these vipers! Those that destroy the innocent and unborn lives. Woe to these vipers! Those perverting the young generations! Woe to these vipers! Those leading the church astray with false doctrines. In the name of Jesus. We declare woe upon those seeking to destroy morality and righteousness!

We cry out in repentance for our apathy and complacency. We stand like threshing instruments separating the chaff. We ask you to arise O Holy Lord and show us your glory all across America. Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has come upon you! We declare the glory of the Lord to rise among us with signs, wonders and miracles. Let the salvation and healing of Jesus Christ spread like wildfire all across the lands of the earth.

So be it! In Jesus name.

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