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O LORD of Light and Truth!

We declare the words of Job over this current mess in America. What a messy mess! What a tragic mess! We lean on you LORD as Job did in his midnight hour. We listen to you and deny the enemy, his naysayers and fearmongers the right to influence us with their negative and false words. We listen to the VOICE OF WISDOM AND TRUTH!

“But true wisdom and power are found in God; counsel and understanding are his. What he destroys cannot be rebuilt. When he puts someone in prison, there is no escape.”

O LORD! You see these evil doers! The perverted, the human traffickers and the criminally corrupt! Their evil will turn upon themselves. They will become prisoners and they will not escape the hand and punishment of the LORD!

“If he holds back the rain, the earth becomes a desert. If he releases the waters, they flood the earth.”

Release the floodwaters of your glory. Cover the earth with your GLORY! Cover America with your glory! Cover the church with your glory! Flood the lost with the glory of salvation! Send salvation to Washington DC! Send salvation from coast to coast in America! Send salvation to the Nations of the earth! Save the lost. Heal the sick. Deliver the oppressed.

“Yes, strength and wisdom are his; deceivers and deceived are both in his power. He leads counselors away, stripped of good judgment; wise judges become fools.”

We declare! The deceivers and their wicked devices and their wicked rhetoric will be exposed by the ONE true light. We call down the bright and shining Courts of Heaven to intervene on behalf of the innocent for false accusations and false charges. O LORD! Set the prisoners free! Loose your justice upon America and the Nations and take what is wrong and make it right!

In Jesus name. Bind the hands that seek injustice. Bind the hands that seek political gain. Bind the hands that have stolen. Bind the hands of the wicked that have infiltrated our three letter agencies. Bind the hands of the wicked inflicting pain, fear and hopelessness on the people. Bind them! Bind them! Bind them! In Jesus name! Let freedom, righteousness, truth and justice rain down from the heavens! Let your kingdom come!

“He removes the royal robe of kings. They are led away with ropes around their waist. He leads priests away, stripped of status; he overthrows those with long years in power.”

Ho! Remove the false kings and princes from among us. Remove those falsely placed in office and pull their elicit, makeshift thrones from beneath them. Remove these corrupt, bought off, longtime, forever politicians. We say! Set the limits. Term limits! Set a time clock and sound the alarm on the unrighteous and corrupt politicians that have pilfered and plundered America for decades. We say ENOUGH!

“He silences the trusted adviser and removes the insight of the elders. He pours disgrace upon princes and disarms the strong.”

O LORD! Silence the wicked. Silence the lies and deception of the false prophets of Baal and cause TRUTH to drip from their lips. We say! Disgrace the wicked. Disgrace the corrupt. Disgrace them and take away their strength and their power. Disarm them and send them slinking away to prisons made by their own hands and their own works.

“He uncovers mysteries hidden in darkness; he brings light to the deepest gloom. He builds up nations, and he destroys them. He expands nations, and he abandons them. He strips kings of understanding and leaves them wandering in a pathless wasteland.”

We declare the LIGHT OF TRUTH is dispelling the darkness. We declare TRUTH is being revealed. We declare the enemies of FREEDOM have NO HOLD on us! They have NO HOLD on us! We have been bought with a price and we belong to the LORD!

“They grope in the darkness without a light. He makes them stagger like drunkards.” Job‬ ‭12:13-25‬

We call down the Holy Ghost fire of Almighty God to strike our enemies down and send them staggering under the weight of their sins. Let holy conviction rise up in their hearts and repentance flood over them.

LET GOD ARISE and his enemies be SCATTERED by his power and his might!

We remind the devil that he is the one who was THROWN OUT of heaven! We remind him that you have NO power over us! None. Nada. Zilch. You were defeated. You are defeated! You are a USURPER. You and your demonic minions hold NO title, NO crown and NO authority!

Therefore! We PRAISE the name of the LORD even though darkness surrounds us. It is only temporary and we see glory cracks appearing and the GLORY OF THE LORD is shining through. We will praise the name of the LORD who always always always causes us to TRIUMPH!

In Jesus name. Amen and amen.




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