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O Lord!

We rise up as the mighty army of God and bind our prayers together. We do not accept defeat! We do not accept discouragement! We do not believe the report of the enemy. We believe the report of the Lord!

Your Word says. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

We are the people of the Most High God. His angels guard us. Their hands bear us up lest we cast our foot upon a stone. Oh Hallelujah! We will tread on the lion and the adder and we will trample the serpent!

We trample the enemies set up over America. We trample the enemies of President Trump. We trample the enemies of the unborn. We trample down every enemy that comes against righteousness.

We serve a righteous, holy God and we will not bow down to the demands of our unrighteous enemies! We trample down anarchy, hate and violence. We trample down socialism. We trample down the spirit of fear.

We trample down the crowned head of covid. We tread on it’s head. We declare the root to shrivel up and die! In Jesus name. We declare it will not rise up to strike again. Come holy fire of God and consume this scourge. Swipe it away from the face of the earth.

We declare healing over the President and First Lady. We declare! No weapon formed or forged will prosper against them. We declare symptoms to dissipate. We declare breath to their lungs and life to their bones.

Almighty God. We know for certain that President Trump has been raised up for such a time as this. We have watched you intervene countless times over the past four years. We have witnessed your unseen hand moving in mighty and miraculous ways.

You have guarded this President. You have kept your hand upon him. Everything that comes his way must come through You first. You are the Almighty One. You are mighty to save, heal and deliver. You have protected him from countless attacks. We believe you will protect him from covid. Oh yes. We do not doubt. We do not walk in fear. We trust you!

Come O Holy One. Come be the strength over our President and First Lady. Come be the strength over America. Come heal our President and First Lady. Heal Hope Hicks. Heal all those affected by this scourge. Come heal our land. Come heal our hearts.

We declare all these things with the authority you have given us! And we tread down and trample upon everything that exalts itself against you and your called and chosen ones!

So be it.


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