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The Plan.

O Holy One.

Enthroned in the heavens. Surrounded by the angels with Jesus seated at your right hand. We bow before your holiness and declare that you are good. We are thankful for your faithfulness. It is good. We see you working your plan and it is good.

In the midst of this chaos. You are good. In the midst of covid. You are good. In the midst of the darkness. You are good. In the midst of constant threats and slandering against America and President Trump. You are good. In the midst of government overreach and tyranny. You are still good!

Your eternal word, O Lord, stands firm in heaven. Your faithfulness extends to every generation, as enduring as the earth you created. Your regulations remain true to this day, for everything serves your plans.

Oh yes! Everything serves your plans. You have a plan. Help us not to get in the way. But help us to walk in the way. Rise up! O Holy One. Rise up within your church. Anoint the pastor’s lips to speak the truth of your eternal Word. Anoint the people’s ears to hear the truth of the Word.

America needs the church to be the city on the hill. To spread the good news that Jesus saves, heals and delivers. To bring light to the darkness. To bring hope to the hopeless. To bring salvation to the lost. To bring healing to the sick and turn hearts back to God.

Yes Jesus! You are the one who will save us. You are the one who will save America. You are the one who will save these demonic hordes roaming our city streets. Lost and undone. With no hope and no purpose. Being used as puppets of evil to overtake and overpower everything that is good, noble and pure. Come to their rescue Jesus!

Wake up church! America needs you! The Nations need you! We need to be shining the light of Jesus. Shining the light of hope through this present darkness that has invaded the whole earth.

Jesus! He is the answer for America. He is the answer for every problem that we have. He came with a plan. He died with a plan. He arose with a plan. His plan was to take back what the devil stole. And he did. He won the battle and left the devil sitting in defeat. That was the plan!

We have the plan in the Good Book that we hold in our hands. Every answer for our sin sick culture and America is in the Good Book. We know the plan. We occupy until he comes. We uproot and overturn evil. We fight for the good. We bring salvation to the lost. Help us O Lord! Help us to follow your plan!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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