The LORD Reigns.


You ask the scoffers: If I can?

You ask this evil cabal: If I can?

You ask the liars: If I can?

You ask the enemy: If I can? And he knows you can! He knows you have already defeated him and we know it too! So we declare TRIUMPH over the enemy!

“What do you mean, ‘If I can’? Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.”

Mark‬ ‭9:23‬

O Hallelujah!

We believe. O Yes! We believe.

We believe you open blinded eyes to see.

We believe you open deaf ears to hear.

We believe you heal the sick.

We believe you cause the winds to blow.

We believe you cause the clouds to gather.

We believe you calm the seas.

We believe you save the lost!

We believe you save your chosen ones!

We believe you save the righteous if there are but 10!

We believe! O Yes! We believe!

We believe that anything can happen!

You are the God of the sun, the moon and the stars. You are the God of the heavens. You hold the seas in your hand and the earth is your footstool. You are great and greatly to be praised. You are the great director and the grand designer. You are the beautiful orchestrator and the magnificent creator.

We praise you in the morning and we praise you in the evening. We say blessed be the Name of the LORD who daily loads us with benefits. We say you are good all the time and all the time you are good. How blessed we are to be called the sons and daughters of the Most High God.

Why should we worry or fret? We have the King of the Ages standing right beside us. His presence covers us wherever we go. His light shines down our path. His lamp guides our feet. His hand protects us. His eyes watch over us. He covers us with his feathers and gives us rest by night and joy in the morning.

O Hallelujah! We believe in the King Eternal and Immortal. Nothing is too hard for him to turn around. Nothing is too big for him to maneuver. He will surely save America and the Nations. These tyrants will not prevail. O No! They Will Not! Our God Reigns!

“God reigns above the nations, sitting on his holy throne.” Psalms 47:8

“For the kingdom is the LORD’S and He rules over the nations.” Psalms 22:28

“He rules by His might forever. His eyes keep watch on the nations. Let not the rebellious exalt themselves.” Psalms 66:7

We rise up in the name of Jesus. We declare a protective covering and DIVINE intervention over the Nations. Over Australia. Over Japan. Over South Korea. Over India. Over the Philippines. Over Asia and South America. Over Africa, Canada and England. Over Israel. Over every other Nation upon the earth. Let God ARISE over the Nations and scatter his enemies!

We believe the LORD is on the throne and he is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask, think or imagine. He will not fail us. He will not forget us. He is for America. He is for Israel. He is for the Nations! He will not be mocked or ridiculed. He will not stand for injustice and his limit will be reached!

The LORD! He will arise from His holy dwelling place and smash the injustice of rigged and stolen elections. He will smash the injustice of a planned plague and planned thing. He will smash the injustice of those attempting to pervert and harm the children.

We stand in faith believing that Our God is still on the throne. He will repay for the evil being forced down the throat of all mankind. He will shake the earth with his glory. He will shatter the growling, threatening teeth of the usurper. We stand united in the most holy faith and declare that Our God can and will pull down these demonic strongholds.

So we say to these enemies of freedom, justice, truth, holiness and righteousness.

The LORD reigns! The LORD restores. The LORD renews. The LORD revives. The LORD repays! The LORD can do anything! O Yes! He can!

In His Holy and Righteous Name, we pray. Amen and amen.