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The God of gods

O Mighty Lord.

The God of gods! You have spoken! You shout over all the people of the earth. You are mighty. You are glorious. You are majestic. You are holy. You are in every brilliant sunrise and every soothing sunset. Yes! You are the God of gods.

You have created it all. The fullness of the earth. The birds of the sky and the trees of the field. The mountains declare your majesty. It all belongs to you. Everything. You speak and declare over the entire world: you are mine!

We offer up to you our true and sincere thanks. Thank you for your promises. Thank you for walking with us through the terrors of this year. Thank you for walking with our Present. Thank you for miraculous healing for him and Melania.

Thank you in advance for other miraculous healings throughout the earth. In Jesus mighty name. We call forth healing of the masses! Hallelujah! Heal the masses!

Lord of the Angel Armies come with your chariots of fire. Come with the warring angels of the heavens. Come and chase down covid and scorch it down to the root. Cut this covid enemy off at the pass. Then go after the perpetrators of this heinous plague. Expose them one and all!

You say to us loud and clear. Honor me by trusting in me in your day of trouble. Cry aloud to me, and I will be there to rescue you.

Yes! You have rescued us and you will continue to rescue us. We declare that what the enemy meant for evil with covid. You will turn it around for good. We say again and again that you are the turn it around God! It’s what you do!

O Lord. You speak to us words of wisdom and truth. And you speak to the wicked your words of warning and consequences. Woe to you enemy! You have hated the instruction of the Lord. You have disregarded his words. You are a fiend and you cohort with the wicked in the darkness.

Ho! The sins of your mouth multiply evil. You have a lifestyle of lies, devoted to deceit as you speak against others, even slandering those of your own household!

In Jesus name. We bind the enemy on earth to be bound in heaven. You will not triumph in this battle for the Nation or her President. You will not triumph with the covid scourge. You will not triumph with riots and anarchy.

You will be brought to the courtroom of the Lord. You will be judged and sentenced for your attempted destruction of this nation. For the death of the innocent. And for your total disregard of morality, human life and human decency. The Lord will repay. Oh yes. He will repay.

Enemy! You will go down for the count! Be it known unto you! You are the defeated foe. One day you will go completely and utterly down. And you will not rise again. Ever!

We declare these things in Jesus name. We declare these things based on the truth of the unchanging Word of God. The one who remains the creator of all things. He is the judge and the jury. He is our savior, our redeemer and our soon coming King.

We look to him. We listen to him. We stand united with him in this epic battle of good versus evil. We stand with the Lord of the Heaven’s Armies.

In Jesus name. So be it!

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