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Strong Tower

Heavenly Father.

You are the One on whom we can depend. You are holy and righteous. When the world all around is sinking in a quagmire of fear and confusion. You are the rock. You are the fortress. You are the strong tower! In you we put our trust. Selah.

We praise you for your faithfulness. We praise you for healing, touching, and keeping President Trump and the First Lady during this covid outbreak at the White House. You have turned this thing around and we declare that you are good! We declare that you are healer. We declare that you are deliverer. There is no one like you!

We look at these recent events with a discerning eye and we see that questionable wickedness seems to

abound. We are not ignorant of the devices of the enemy. Oh no! We are not.

We dismantle every wicked device he has planned. In Jesus name. We disarm every weapon in their arsenal. We call forth the blazing light of truth to incinerate every evil plot and plan. And we ask you Jehovah to expose the wicked!

We do not trust the evil one or his evil puppets that do his bidding. We declare that your supernatural protection continue over this President and Administration. Be the fortress and strong tower around the White House. And expose the wicked!

We declare your protective Word over President Trump. We are RELENTLESS in our prayers and petitions for his safety and well being. Not only for him but for those that surround him, his family and this Administration.

Your are the LORD our Rock who trains our hands for war and our fingers for battle. Oh Hallelujah! Our shelter of love and a fortress of faith. You are the strong high tower. You are the deliverer and shield. We take our refuge in you and you SUBDUE our enemies.

O Lord. Step down from the heavens and deliver us from these dark powers that surround us on every side. Step down among us and give us victory from the oppressor who seeks to destroy us. Step down and strike the enemy and his deceitful, lying and wicked minions. Step down and expose the wicked!

We do not trust the wicked enemies of America, our President and the Church. We put nothing past them. They are out to get us! They know it. We know it. And you know it, O Lord. And we look to you. And we do not shrink back or cower down.

You alone! You are our defense and strong tower. It is you in whom we trust and you will deliver us from every snare the fowler sets before us. You alone will be our rescue. You are the life raft we need on this stormy sea.

Jesus! It’s in your mighty name that we declare defeat over the wicked. We declare that the enemies who have beset us will fall backward under the gaze of your piercing eyes. We declare they will fall flat under the weight of your manifest glory. We declare they will not gain ground but will falter and fail in their own pool of deception and defeat.

We declare that you are the Lord! We are your people. We are the remnant. We are called and chosen for such a time as this. We will not back down to these wicked, vile workers of iniquity. We will stand up! We will hold the line and be the watchman on the wall of our strong tower!

In Jesus name. So be it!

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