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Strengthen Us!

O King of Glory!

You are holy. You are bright and shining. All of our hope is in you and you alone. We stand in reverent fear and obedience while we are temporary residents on this earth. We make our hearts your home. Come and dwell with us. We stand committed to your will and your way.

We do not fear man. We do not fear covid. We do not fear the enemy. We are standing steadfast on your unchanging Word. We are clinging to the nail scarred hands of Jesus. He is our hope and our help. He is our comfort and our courage. He is our bright and shining star and we keep our fixed eyes on him!

Your Word says that when we are weak then you are strong! We call forth the strength of the Lord over this remnant rising up to fight this spiritual battle. Courage come. Boldness come. Discernment come. Thank you that you are attuned to our voices as we cry out for America and President Trump.

We watched the amazing event that happened today with the Abraham Accord. Who else but President Trump could do such a thing. Who else. Thank you for the guidance you are giving him. Help him to continue to walk in your ways and heed your voice. Continue to cover him with your hand of mercy and place your shield of protection around him.

O King of Glory. Hear our prayers as we cry out for the pastors across America who have not opened up their churches. Of all times to leave the flock alone. Of all times. It is heartbreaking! There is so much confusion, hurting and fear. We need strong, courageous pastors to stand up to this tyranny against the church.

We call forth bold pastors to stand up against the covid lies and deception. We need pastors to speak the truth of the Word. We declare! Blessing and favor over every pastor in California standing up to the government. Blessing and favor over Pastor Greg Locke in Tennessee and any other pastors standing up with boldness against this great deception.

O King of Glory. Come and touch the pastor’s hearts. Give them boldness and courage. We ask again! Give them the fear of God rather than the fear of men. Move on these pastors content with “online” church. Wake them up! Wake up! In Jesus name. Give them a revelation that now is the time to stand up. Now is the time to open the doors! If not now. Then when!

Open the doors! Open the doors and the King of Glory will come in! He is strong and invincible. He is mighty in battle. He is our shield and our fortress. He is our strength! The gates of hell cannot get prevail against the church!

O King of Glory. Come like the wind and the rain and wake us up all across America! Your eyes are seeking and searching. We cry out that we are not found wanting. Give us a Genesis moment. A new zest for life. A new beginning. A new and fresh anointing!

O Lord. Look upon us and hear our hearts plea as we cry out for mercy over America and strength and courage over your church.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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