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Standing in the field.

Almighty God.

We STAND OUR GROUND! Like the mighty men of David. The mighty warriors of David who stood their ground. They fought valiantly. They were strong and courageous! Give us their strength. Give us their courage. Give us their boldness. Give us their resolve to STAND!

Give us the spear of PRECISION like Jashobeam. It was one against 800 and the Lord gave him the battle. We pierce the darkness with the spear of PRECISION! We slice through the evil, demonic spirits attempting this takeover. In Jesus name. Let the GLORY of the Lord shine through and pierce the darkness. We pierce the darkness over our House and Senate. We pierce the darkness over mayors and governors. We pierce the darkness over all those who have sold out to the enemy of America and our freedom. Shine your REVEALING light of TRUTH and EXPOSE every wicked ruler hiding in our city, state and federal government and over every compromised corporation.

We stand up like Eleazar who fought along side David. He fought until his hand was too tired to lift His sword. Help us to PERSEVERE like Eleazar who would not give up or give in and the Lord gave him a GREAT VICTORY. Come and strengthen us Almighty God. Give us might and power and resolve to see this battle through. We will not bend. We will not bow. But we will run this race with patience and we will PERSEVERE through these perilous times and destroy our enemies within and without!

Give us the PURPOSE of Shammah when the entire Israelite army fled. They left him standing alone. He held his ground like a lion stalking his prey in the field. He beat back the Philistines with great determination, great power and PURPOSE. He PURPOSED in his mind he would not flee and so do we. We have PURPOSED in our hearts that we will fight this battle. We will not run away. We will be bold and courageous. We will stand firm. We will stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

We will STAND OUR GROUND. We will stand for freedom. We call forth a fresh wind of RESOLVE over the American people. We call forth strength and unity over America. Wake up America! Wake up America! Wake up America! We as the mighty remnant of God, pull off the covers and expose the darkness. Almighty God. Tear down the veil in front of the people’s eyes and expose the lies and deception!

We stand united with President Trump. O Lord of the Angel Armies! Send your warring angels to surround and protect him. We declare that NO weapon formed, no plan initiated, no scheme set forth will prosper or come to pass. Enemy! Touch not the anointed of the Lord! We declare President Trump is protected. He is shielded. He is surrounded by Jehovah God and nothing nothing nothing can harm him or his family, the Vice President and his family, or all those working to uncover the darkness.

We declare the spear of PRECISION to be in President Trump’s hand to strike the enemy down. Precise moves. Precise steps and actions. Precise words. Precise strikes. We declare PERSEVERANCE over President Trump. He will not grow weary. He will not faint. He will not concede. We declare that the PURPOSE placed on President Trump by the Hand of Jehovah will be fulfilled. Nothing can stop the plans and purpose of the Lord. Nothing! No demon. No politician. No elites. No social-ist media.

“I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you.” Job‬ ‭42:2‬

We declare this over the enemies of America. No one can stop the Lord! No one! Enemy! We declare you will be stopped in your tracks. Your guns and your bombs cannot stop the Lord. Your propaganda cannot stop the Lord. Your hacking and cyber warfare cannot stop the Lord. Your attempts to steal this election cannot stop the Lord. Your use of cor-ona cannot stop the Lord. Your lies, deceptions and fear mongering cannot stop the Lord.

We have joined forces with the Lord of the Angel Armies. We have set our faces like flint. We will not be shaken. We will not be moved. We will STAND our ground!

In Jesus name. So be it!


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