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Sound the alarm!

Father God!

We blow the trumpet in Zion!

We sound the alarm!

We cry out to the people of God.

We cry out to the people of the earth! WAKE UP!

Wake up! Rise up! Come to life.

O Merciful Father. Tear the veil from the eyes of the people. Let the all consuming light of your GLORY break forth like the morning sun. Let it rise like the dawning of the day across the mountaintops. Let it sparkle and shine and bounce off the ripples of the ocean waves that lap the shore.

Let the oil of your anointing pour down upon the earth. Cover the people. Bring revival and reformation to the land. Bring salvation. Let the joy of the LORD rise up among the people and consume the doubt and fear being spewed forth. Shut the mouths of the oppressors. We tune our ears out from their despondent words.

We declare! God is in control.

We declare! God is for us.

We declare! God still reigns from On High and he will have his way upon the earth. There is no mountain. There is no demon. There is nothing that can stop Our God. He is the LORD of at the Angel Armies. He commands the Hosts of Heaven and they do his bidding.

We declare! Yahweh is bigger and he has the might and power to squash the evil ones.

We declare! Yahweh is better and he does all things well. For he is great and greatly to be praised! He is El Elyon. The LORD Most High!

“Surely the Lord has done great things! Don’t be afraid, O land. Be glad now and rejoice, for the Lord has done great things.” Joel‬ ‭2:20-21‬

We declare! The LORD is with us! He does not abandon his own. He is with us in the good and in the bad. He is with America and the enemy shall not win take her out! He is with the Nations and they shall be his inheritance. He is with his church in Afghanistan and nothing can pluck them from his hands.

We sound the alarm that the LORD of the heavens has come down to the earth. He is driving these demonic armies from before our eyes. America will not be an object of mockery. She is my Nation, says the LORD. Nothing will pluck her from my hand. But I will pluck this demonic activity that seeks to consume the world. I will pluck it up by the root and put it back in its place - underneath my holy and righteous feet.

So we will set our feet to dancing. We will set our hearts to rejoicing. Even now! Don’t be afraid ye people of the earth. Don’t be afraid ye animals if the field. Our God Reigns eternal and supreme. He will protect his people. He will protect the animals that give us sustenance. He will protect the fields that grow the food. He will protect the earth that gives us the soil for our food to grow and our feet to trod upon.

We declare that the earth is the LORD’s and nothing can remove it from his hands. We declare the timing is the LORD’s and the enemy cannot usurp it. We declare we are the redeemed of the LORD and we come to him rejoicing!

In Jesus name. So be it!

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