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Siege the Enemy!

This is what the LORD says!

Enemies of freedom! Enemies of America! Enemies of Jesus! Pack your bags and prepare to leave; the siege is about to begin. Ho! Get on outta here! Get up and leave the room, leave the building and leave America! Leave the cities and leave the states. WE THE PEOPLE are done with you and your coup. We will never surrender!

We stand UP as the mighty army of God. He alone is the omnipotent ruler of the universe! He alone is the champion of creation! We declare! To all you wishy washy politicians out for your own political agenda. To all you working against freedom, morality, righteousness, truth and justice. The LORD will have the last say. EVERY knee will bow before him. EVERY tongue will confess that he is the LORD!

This is what the LORD says!

Suddenly, I will fling out all you who live in this land. I will pour great troubles upon you, and at last you will feel my anger. Ho! The Lord will fling out the enemies from WITHIN our borders. They do not stand a fighting chance. They are defeated foes. The LORD will TRIUMPH!

This is what the LORD says!

Attention all you who consider yourselves high and mighty! Who art you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! To every cursed enemy against America and freedom. To every cursed public official pulling the wool over the people’s eyes. Consider yourself flattened to a dusty plain by the hand of the Lord. Consider yourself a dusty plain trampled on by the Angelic Armies of the Most High God.

This is what the LORD says!

House line up. Senate line up. Vice President Pence line up. You better do the right thing! You better listen to WE THE PEOPLE of America. You better heed the prayers and declarations of the ARMY OF GOD! Or you better PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE! Ho! The LORD will pour out his wrath on you if you fail to acknowledge him and his ways.

This is what the LORD says!

One of them will chase a thousand of you. Five of them will make all of you flee. You will be left like a lonely flagpole on a hill or a tattered banner on a distant mountaintop. Ho! There are millions of Patriots and Prayer Warriors who have had it with the devil. We have had it with your lies and deception. We have had it with your disruptive, demonic and chaotic coup. In Jesus name! We stomp you to the ground with our shoes of peace and hold you at bay with our two edged sword. The LORD will prevail!

We declare the GLORY of the Lord will fall on our President. We declare the GLORY of the Lord will fall all over Washington DC today. We declare the GLORY of the Lord will fall on Vice President Pence, the House and the Senate. Bring them to their knees. Bring them to repentance. Bring them to their right minds.

We call forth the Commander of the Angel Armies and his Mighty Angelic Hosts to descend upon America today. Ho! An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the GLORY of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. Come O Angel Band and terrify the enemy and protect your people! Come O Angel Band and lay siege upon our enemies!

In Jesus name. Amen and Amen!


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