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Send the Rain


Thank you for President Donald J. Trump who stands up for us! He stands up for America. He stands up for the flag and freedom. He stands up for unborn. He stands up for the church more than the church stands up for itself.

Send down your rain of blessing upon him. Bless the work of his hands and the words of his mouth. Turn every obstacle thrown in his path around for the good. It’s what you do! You turn it all around! What the enemy meant for evil you turn it around for the good. O Hallelujah!

Lord you know. He was the chaos candidate. He is the chaos President. He has ruffled feathers from coast to coast. He and his family have been slandered and slammed for the past four years. He has been hammered and pummeled by the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Lord you know. He has taken more than most of us could bear. He has done more for this Nation in the last four years than years of past Presidents put together. He stands UP in the face of the enemy. He stands up in the face of OUR enemies.

O Mighty One. Keep your powerful, protective right hand upon Him. Use your strong arm to support him. We declare that he is the head and not the tail. We declare that he is an overcomer.

Surround him with your warring angels standing at the ready. Open the eyes of his enemies to see the chariots of fire chomping at the bits to engage in battle. Open the eyes of the enemy to see the remnant standing in the gap clothed with the Armor of God and the Sword of the Lord poised to strike!

We know the enemy is seething! Oh yes! He is seething over the fact that a conservative will be appointed to the Supreme Court. He is seething over the fact that the millions of the unborn may have a chance to live!

He is seething over the fact that millions will not bow to this woke culture. He is seething over the fact that his perverted gender agenda and LBGTQ agenda may be on the line. He is seething over the fact that this pedophile and sex trafficking ring is being torn apart and crushed!

We stand in the gap as the holy remnant. Oh yes! Crying out to Yahweh to hold back the hounds of hell. Hold them back! Hold them at bay! Shut their yapping mouths and cause them to turn on themselves.

We declare the enemy is defeated. We declare the enemy is crushed under our feet. We declare every stronghold that Satan has setup over this nation will be crushed! Oh yes! By the power of the blood and by the victory gained at the Cross. Satan is crushed!

Certainly, God will crush the heads of his enemies [and destroy even] the hair on the heads of those who continue to be guilty.

We declare over President Trump and America. The LORD will conquer your enemies when they attack you. They will attack you from one direction. But they will scatter from you in seven!

The Lord will guarantee a blessing on everything you do and will fill your storehouses with grain. The Lord your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.

If you obey the commands of the Lord your God and walk in his ways, the Lord will establish you as his holy people as he swore he would do.

Come! Come Holy Spirit and establish the church. Send down the rain of prosperity and blessing as we turn from our wicked and complacent ways. Send down the rain from your treasury in Heaven.

We will listen to your commands and obey them. You will cause us to be the head and not the tail. We will be on top and never at the bottom. We declare this over America, President Trump and the Church.

We turn away from the idols of the land. We turn our spirits and hearts toward you. We will say! Blessed are the people whose strength is in the LORD. Whose hearts are set on a pilgrimage to the holy city. Whose hearts are set to do what you command.

Oh yes! Blessed they will be. We will be that people living under the rain of your blessing.

In Jesus name. So be it!


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