Reap a Harvest

Father God.

We lift our voices in praise to you. You are the one that we adore. You are the one to whom all praise belongs. Can we just listen to your voice? So many voices compete with yours. They raise their voices loud. If we give in to their shouts. We are filled with angst. With confusion. With uncertainty. So Loving Father. We listen for the sound of your voice. Your voice echoes the sound of your heart. Let us hear the sound of your heartbeat.

Our hearts break for America. Our hearts break for the aborted babies. Our hearts break for this generation brainwashed by radical socialist marxist teachers and professors. Our hearts break for senseless killings of civilians and police officers alike. Our hearts break for a President brutalized at every turn by nonstop vicious words and vitriol accusations. Oh Merciful Lord. Our hearts would fail within us.

We say! If You hadn’t been for us! If You hadn’t been for us when everyone went against us. We would have been swallowed alive by their violent anger. We would have been swept away by their flood of rage, drowned in the torrent. We would have lost our lives in the wild, raging waters of anger, rage and despair.

But there is a hope rising! Oh yes! It rises like the morning mist. Blessed be the name of the Lord! He has not left us defenseless. He has not abandoned us. God’s strong name is our help. Oh yes! We trust in the God of Mount Zion. The mountain that cannot be moved. Rock solid is our Strong God. You are always dependable. You are always there. The God who always hears our prayers. What a wonderful God you are to your people!

Oh God. We say! Do it again. We lift our hands in praise because you are the do it again God! Restore us! Oh Lord! Like streams that renew in the desert. Like waters that nourish our seeds planted in tears. We weep as as we plant the seeds of prayer. But we will sing sing sing as we return with the harvest! Send your healing waters of restoration to our land and her people.

Raise the floodwaters of your wrath and fury against our adversaries. Raise up a Red Sea moment! Rise the waters high on every side to make a sure path for our feet. Surround us with your mighty strength and wash our enemies away. We declare! That when that day comes! We will rest in you by the waters of your bubbling brooks of restoration. We will sit and sing and delight in your presence with thankful hearts.

Until that day comes. We cry out with a battle cry! We stand on The Word of God. We will not be shaken. We will not be moved. We will build our house upon the solid Rock Christ Jesus. We will not bend. We will not bow. We will stand and see the glory of the Lord restore what has been lost! And we will sing our songs of praise over the harvest.

In Jesus name. Amen.