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Psalms 64 Decree. Day 2.

Once again LORD. We declare Psalms 64 over Israel, America and the Nations. We stand clothed in the Armor of God and declare that these weapons formed by these evil doers will not prosper! We stand in the authority of the LORD and come against the enemy.

We come against every conspiracy.

We come against every threat.

We come against every demonic plan.

We come against every satanic attack.

We come against every wicked plot.

We come against every lie and deception.

We come against every usurper and thief.

Yahweh! This is Day 2 of 40. We decree Psalms 64 until the Feast of Trumpets.

“LORD, can’t you hear my cry, my bitter complaint? Keep me safe from this band of criminals and from the conspiracy of these wicked men. They gather in their secret counsel to destroy me.

“Can’t you hear their slander, their lies? Their words are like poison-tipped arrows shot from the shadows. They are unafraid and have no fear of consequences.

“They persist with their evil plans and plot together to hide their traps. They boast, “No one can see us or stop us!”

“They search out opportunities to pervert justice as they plan the “perfect crime.” How unsearchable is their endless evil! They try desperately to hide the deep darkness of their hearts.

“But all the while God has his own fire-tipped arrows! Suddenly, without warning, they will be pierced and struck down.

“Staggering backward, they will be destroyed by the very ones they spoke against. All who see this will view them with scorn.

“Then all will stand awestruck over what God has done, seeing how he vindicated the victims of these crimes.

“The lovers of God will be glad, rejoicing in the LORD. They will be found in his glorious wraparound presence, singing songs of praise to God!” Psalms‬ ‭64:1-10‬ TPT

O Hallelujah. We will sing of our God and his mighty deliverance. The LORD will anoint us with his holy oil. We shall be glad glad glad. O what a happy day that will be!

So be it. In Jesus name.



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Aug 01, 2021


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