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Press On

O Father!

I press on! When I want to quit. I press on. When I just want to shut my eyes and wish all of this mess would just go away. I press on. I press on hand in hand with my brothers and sisters. You are in the lead and we are relentlessly following after you.

Through the clouded, murky waters that want to overtake us. We press on. We push through. We paddle harder. We run faster. We listen closer. We need to hear your voice above the shouts around us. We push out and crowd out every distraction. We focus on YOU! You are the prize in this race.

And we are in a race against time with this Supreme Court confirmation for Amy Coney Barrett. We call down the Lord of the Angel Armies and his warring angels to protect her and her family. Protect their hearts, minds and spirits. O Lord. Shield the children from the vile, arrogant mouths of the media. Shield them!

In Jesus name. We declare that every verbal assault and verbal accusation will fall to the ground null and void. Send your wonder working, overflowing power down to these hearings. Consume the room! Consume the enemy! Consume these senators with your presence. Overpower every demonic force that would rise up against her! Strike strike strike them down!

We rebuke every liberal deception and lie that they will attempt to spew forth. Jehovah come and silence them! Come and move on the Republicans. Give them a backbone and cause them to stand strong and not fall prey to the pressure from the left. We declare this Supreme Court confirmation will come to pass. We declare that there will be no delay and no shenanigans.

O Lord. Only you could open this door at the exact time it needed to be opened. No man can shut the door you have opened in the Supreme Court and no man can stand in your way. We declare a quick, concise victory for this nomination.

O Merciful Father. For the sake of the unborn move across the entire Senate. Bring conscious to them. Bring truth to them. Bring them all to their knees in repentance. Shine your light in the darkness. Cause every Christian Senator to stand up for what is right and to stand up for the life of the unborn.

Almighty God. We stay focused on you as the election draws near. We trust you! We have prayed. We have believed. Continue to protect President Trump from those that are out to get him. Surround him as a shield. Surround him with Godly wisdom. Help him to keep his eyes on you and his ears attuned to your voice.

We stand strong behind this President and Vice President. We will not succumb to the negative reports that fly around us. We will not doubt. We will not fear. We will PRESS ON in faith believing that you are able to accomplish more than we can ask, think or imagine. We declare victory in the face of our raging enemies.

We declare the fullness of Christ over America. We declare the strength of the Lord over the people. We focus on the future and advance together as the remnant. Calling out to God for mercy in these troubled times. Calling out to God for help and rescue from the evil one. Calling out for revival, repentance and restoration in the land.

O Father. We run full steam ahead and straight for the finish line. We will not falter or fail. We cannot lose with you on our side. We. Press. On.

In Jesus name. So be it.

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