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Overwhelming Victory

Father God.

You lead us. You guide us. You help us. You see us. You care for us. You love us. You will never leave us or forsake us. You sent your Son to save us. Our hearts are full of praise to you for your unfailing love and kindness to us.

We are unclean but you have washed us white as snow. You have covered our sins with your blood. We are no longer fearful slaves but adopted and grafted into the vine. We are Friends of God. We are yours. All that we have. All that we are.

Your Spirit helps us in our weakness. And we pray to you in the Spirit. And we groan sometimes with no words to express our inner thoughts. And you plead for us as believers in harmony with God’s will.

We have cried out for this Nation. For President Trump and Vice President Pence. For the people of America, our families and our communities. For the church to wake up. We have cried out against covid and the demonic deception that has taken over in order to control and manipulate the people of the earth.

We have cried out for truth and liberty. We have cried out against injustice. Against lies and deception that never end. Against abortion. We have cried out for confirmation of the Supreme Court justice confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. We know that you have heard our prayers! You have made a way there seemed to be no way!

What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? Tell me! Who? Who can accuse us? Who can condemn us? We have been raised to life with Christ. And we press on!

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. No demon raging in our streets. No corrupt politician. No plague, famine or storm. No idle threats of our loud mouthed enemies. No trouble or calamity, persecution or death can separate us. No no no! Despite ALL these things the OVERWHELMING VICTORY is ours!

We declare victory in this SCOTUS confirmation. We declare victory in the Presidential election. We declare victory in the House and Senate. We declare victory in every state, city, county and burg. Victory is ours!

In Jesus name. We rebuke every demon from hell that has been set out against us! We bind you on earth to be bound in heaven. Lord of the Angel Armies! Come and loose your power and might upon the earth and slay our enemies! Loose your saving grace and save the lost and undone.

We are surrounded by the blood the Lamb and the Word of the Lord. The Sword of the Lord is in our mouths and we proclaim victory. Nothing can stop us with the Lord on our side. He is our shield and our exceeding great reward. And he will rescue those who love him.

We declare victory over this Nation today! We shout it from the rooftops for all the world to hear! Overwhelming victory is ours!

So be it!

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