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May the LORD!

“May the LORD ANSWER you in the day of trouble!” We say! The answer is already on the way!

“May the NAME of the God of Jacob defend you.” We say! He is our sword and shield. He stands at the ready to defend his own!

“May He send you HELP from the sanctuary and STRENGTHEN you out of Zion.” We say! He is our ever present help and our source of strength.

“May He remember all your offerings and accept your burnt sacrifice.” We say! The LORD never forgets. He has bottled up our tears and our prayers have become as incense and rise before him.

“And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel.” Revelation 8:4

We declare!

“May He grant you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill all YOUR PURPOSE.”

We declare!

“We will rejoice in your salvation and in the name of Our God we will set up our banners! May the LORD fulfill all your petitions. Now I know that the LORD saves His anointed. He will answer him from His holy heaven with the SAVING STRENGTH of His right hand.”

O Hallelujah! We are waving the victory banner hanging onto the saving hand of Our God.

We declare!

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses. But we will remember the NAME of the LORD Our God. They have bowed down and fallen. But we have RISEN and stand upright. Save, LORD!

“May the KING answer us when we call.”

Psalms‬ ‭20

We have said it more than once. We have said it more than twice. We have said it hundreds of times over the past year.



We will NOT bend. We will NOT bow.

We WILL SEE the salvation of the LORD in the land of America!

Oh yes! Our eyes shall behold Him! We shall see His GLORY!

So be it! In Jesus name.




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