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Make America Great!

Abba Father.

Keep us in peace. Lighten the load as we navigate these rough waters. Help us to keep our eyes on you. You alone are the one in whom we place trust. You alone are the one to whom we give our allegiance. You alone are the one who will save us from the oppressor. You alone have the words for the days in which we live.

“And it will be said in that day: “Behold, this is OUR GOD. We have waited for Him, and He will save us. This is the LORD! We have waited for Him. We will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.

“For on this mountain (America) the hand of the LORD will rest. And Moab (the enemy) shall be trampled down under Him, As straw is trampled down for the refuse heap. And He will spread out His hands in their midst as a swimmer reaches out to swim.

“And He will bring DOWN their pride together with the trickery of their hands. The fortress of the high fort of your walls He will bring down, lay low, And bring to the ground, down to the dust.” Isaiah‬ ‭25:9-12‬

Oh yes! We declare the cunning and trickery of the enemy and the false prophets of Baal will be pulverized to dust as the TRUTH is revealed. We declare the arrogance, pride and foolishness of the wicked will be brought down low as TRUTH is revealed. We declare this Jezebel spirit will not rule our land. This stronghold will come down by the mighty hand of the LORD of the Angel Armies and the Hosts of Heaven!

We declare to the enemies of This Nation. America is strong! Her people are strong! Her GOD is even stronger. We are surrounded by the walls of God’s salvation and his redemptive plan. We TRUST in the LORD always and we DO NOT put our confidence in man. We TRUST in the LORD and do not fear the threats of the enemy!

The LORD is the one shaking the earth. The LORD is the one who will move the mighty mountains of wickedness and perversion. He will raise his mighty right hand and his strong right arm and strike down the plans of the enemy. His fist will smash and pulverize their false accusations over America! He will pulverize their false doctrines. He will clear out these crooked paths filled with the wickedness and perversion of men from before the feet of the righteous.

“O LORD our God, others have ruled us, but you ALONE are the one we worship. Those we served before are dead and gone. Their departed spirits will never return! You attacked them and destroyed them, and they are long forgotten.

O LORD, you have made our nation (America) GREAT; yes, You have made us great. You have extended our borders, and we give You the glory!” Isaiah‬ ‭26:13-15

We declare our enemies will be long gone!

The LORD is our defender! He is the Champion of creation! He is the one striding through the heavens with the winds and waves at his command! He is the LORD of the Angel Armies! He is triumphant in battle! He is the Conquering King!

We humble ourselves before you, King Jesus. We are your loyal subjects. We are not slaves to man. We are the friends of God. We are his children. We do not trust in chariots or horses. We do not put our trust in men. But we trust in the name of the LORD. He will make America great again to be a beacon of hope and freedom to the world. He will grant us peace. He will grant us victory.

In Jesus name. So be it!



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Amen! Father, I put my trust in You! My heart is crying out to you for America. People are trusting in (a shot), to protect them against a virus. They are so blinded they can not see the real threat isn't a virus but satan and his evil plans. Please send a revival. We need you.

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