Lord of Eternity

Almighty God.

You are the resplendent one! Your glory shines through the heavens. The sun, moon and stars reflect your streaming light of truth. Let the heavens drip down your healing oil and cover the earth.

O Merciful Father. Continue to send down healing oil over this special President. How you have blessed us and graced us with this champion for America and for freedom. He has been an unwavering champion for the unborn and for the church. He has championed Israel.

Regardless of what “they” say, we are so thankful for President Trump and the leadership he has shown. Thank you Father God for raising up a true leader to stand up in the face of the enemy and say no more! We just love how he stands up to the false prophets of media and to the corrupt politicians that surround him.

We say to the Lord of the heavens! O Lord, I will worship you with extended hands as my whole heart explodes with praise! I will tell everyone everywhere about your wonderful works and how your marvelous miracles exceed expectations!

I will jump for joy and shout in triumph as I sing your song and make music for the Most High God. For when you appear, I worship while all of my enemies run in retreat. They stumble and perish before your presence.

For you have stood up for my cause and vindicated me when I needed you the most. From your righteous throne you have given me justice.

O Father. We have so much to be thankful for. We thank you. We praise you. We worship you!

Even in the year 2020: the year of the mouth. The year they tried to silence our mouth. Muzzle us. Sequester us and shut us down. But we just got louder! We lift up all your worshipping warriors! We lift up the persecuted churches and worshippers in America and across the earth. Come to their aid and rescue.

When the worshippers arise the enemy must flee! They will stumble and perish before the presence of the Almighty One. Rebuke them with a blast and obliterate their deeds and actions!

O Lord. You will stand up and vindicate the righteous! From your righteous throne you will give us justice! You are the Lord of eternity. Our mighty God who lives and reigns forever. You are enthroned as King and ready to render the guilty verdict over our enemies.

You are our shelter in time of trouble and a perfect hiding place. We put our trust in you during these tumultuous times. You will not neglect those who come to you. And we sing out our praise to the God who lives, rules and reigns from the heavens.

In Jesus name. Amen.