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Jump In!

O Lord!

Let the river flow. Let it flow wide and deep. We jump into the river. We don’t just stick our toe in. We jump into your life giving flow! We jump into your goodness. We jump into the river that never runs dry!

We jump into your presence! Cover us head to toe with your presence. Send us supernatural strength to fight these demonic powers that seek to destroy us. We proclaim to the enemy! You have no power over us! Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

We step out of the boat in faith just like Peter. We pick up courage and put on boldness and jump in the arena with the enemy. We declare VICTORY even though the hounds of hell are nipping at our heels and yelling defeat. We put them under our holy and righteous feet. They are defeated.

We are victorious through Christ. The ultimate champion of mankind. He will champion our cause for goodness and righteousness. We declare VICTORY in these elections that are already underway. We declare President Trump is victorious. Amy Coney Barrett is victorious. The church is victorious.

We will increase the Senate. We will take back the house. We take back the economy. We will take back everything the enemy has stolen from us in 2020. We will rise again! We will walk in victory. We will not walk in fear, be bound by fear or be intimated by the fear mongers.

We declare the enemy is defeated. Covid is defeated. Tyranny is defeated. Abortion is defeated. The sex trafficking ring is defeated. The deep state is exposed, expunged and defeated.

We will NOT bow to this lunacy that surrounds us. We will NOT bow to this woke, counter, cancel culture. We will NOT bow to a tyrannical, over reaching government. We will NOT bow to antifa, blm or any other radical leftist group.

We will NOT bow to enemy that is screeching, and screaming and demanding us to cower down, hunker down and take all of this lying down. We will NOT bow down, cower down or hunker down to his demands. We will bow only to Jesus Christ!

We declare that we are more than conquerors. We declare that we will not fall prey to the lies of the enemy and to the lies of the false prophets of media. We will not fall prey to the lies of these filthy, corrupt politicians that are nothing more than money hungry elitists drunk on power.

These fear mongers and guilt mongers are puppets of Satan. They are overcome by lust and greed. They are a disgrace to the human race. O Lord of the Angel Armies come and put them in their place - bowing down at the feet of Jesus.

We pray the hand of Almighty God come down upon those involved in the sex trafficking ring and that they receive their just punishment. Let not one will escape for their crimes against humanity. We pray that everyone involved in this Russian hoax will come to justice. Let not one escape for their crimes against this President and against Americans.

We will walk and not faint. We will run and not grow weary. We will jump in the water with the courage and boldness of Peter. We will keep our eyes on Jesus and we will be victorious in his life giving flow!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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St Michael the Archangel come forth now with the entire Host of Heaven to defend us in Armageddon... be out protection against the wickedness & snares of the devil. Wield your sword of blue flame protection in through and around us to cut us loose and set us free from all that was never meant to be! Go before us to the battle front, seal us, protect us, lead, guide and direct us always and in all ways on our daily mission to expose/destroy the rule & control of all malevolence forces from our Planet Earth... clear the way for our beloved President Trump, his family,entire staff and all Military & Civilian Patriot, In Jesus name I accept this don…


Donna Hershey
Donna Hershey
Oct 13, 2020

We will be victorious, covered by the blood of our Savior, praying His will, His answers to our prayers are "yes" and "amen". We praise your Holy name, thank you Father for your protection, grace, mercy and love you show us daily, in Jesus name, AMEN and AMEN.

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