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It’s Not Normal!

Quote of the day

"I'd rather eat my shoe then labgrown meat"

Ain't it the truth. Lab-grown meat. Fake meat. Beyond meat. Impossible meat. ACKKKK!

Coming from an "I'll take that medium rare rib eye that hails from a real cow" point of view, these folks just ain't right.

Read all about it here.👇

And Pastor Mark speaks to this in this week's Signs of the Times. 👇

Thought for the Day

Here's a great prayer point: Praying for the Lord to deliver us from the incompetence of government! That's some truth!

We know that much of what is going on in world governments is not incompetence. But rather part of the enemy's plan as he sets up his evil kingdom to take over as the Antichrist. Not to say that there isn't incompetence. Because there is.

We can still pray that those in government positions across America and the Nations would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. And that they would perform their duties with integrity, with wisdom and with justice.

Here is an article from IFA if you would like to read it and pray further.

So Father, we pray!

Touch the hearts and minds of those in government positions. Teach them to use their authority wisely and not to be greedy and power hungry.

You can save those who are in leadership. We pray for their souls. We pray that they would not be lost. Even those who are against your kingdom, you are willing to save. Even to the ends of the earth how far your grace and mercy extends.

Send your grace to us, Jesus. Your grace that is like the sands on the seashore. There is always enough. There is always more.

Send your mercy to us Jesus. We need you in America. We need you in the Nations. Let your Spirit rise up over the earth.

Send the sounds of revival among your people.

Save the lost. Rescue those bound by sin and lost in a world of deception.

In Jesus name.






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Aug 14, 2023

I pray in agreement that God would raise up leaders who are faithful to Him and his plan for America! Thwart the tactics of the enemy and bring revival to America and the nations of the world! In Jesus' name, Amen!!!


Yes Lord, I agree. Help us to stay faithful and to be in prayer for the lost. In Jesus Name, Amen 🙏✨💞‼️

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