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It is mine.


I just got to thinking and praying about this upheaval going on around us. The fear. The uncertainty. The shaking. Jesus! You are the ROCK and your kingdom cannot be shaken. Steady us. Steady us. Steady us.

In the name of Jesus. The name above all names. We rebuke the powers of darkness attempting this coup over America. You have exposed so much. There is still so much darkness but your light will OUTSHINE it all.

Turn it around on these tyrants squelching our free speech. Turn it around on them and cause them to flounder, flail and fall. These social platforms may fail but JESUS never fails. They are nothing. They are the dust under our feet. They may try to throw us into silence and darkness but JESUS is the light of the world. They may try to silence us but JESUS is the WORD from the beginning of time and the WORD cannot be silenced.

JESUS! You own it all. You stand at the edge of heaven and declare IT IS MINE. It is all mine! The silver and the gold. The mountains and the valleys. The stars in the skies and the cattle on the hills.

JESUS! You declare to us. YOU ARE MINE! Your children and your children’s children are mine. I have told you so. I have made you promises that are yes and amen. I will not suffer your foot to stumble. I will keep you from the evil one. Dwell safely in me. You are my special inheritance and I have bought you with a price and you are mine.


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