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He is just.

O Lord God.

You are the judge! We request a righteous ruling and justice from the Courts of Heaven over the proceedings in the Senate. Protect President Trump and his legal team. Protect those being persecuted for their righteous stance.

Come in your might and power and raise up a standard against the enemy. Save us and rescue us from these persecutors. Save us from the slander. Save us from the threat of communism. Save us from the undoing of everything moral and righteous in this Nation. We voted in a man who stood up for babies, who stood up for minorities, who stood up for justice, who stood up for America and the election was stolen.

We stand in faith believing that you will turn this around for the good. These enemies seek to maul us like lions. They are plundering our Nation and stripping us of our freedoms. We stand in the gap behind Jehovah Nissi and his banner over us is love. His banner over us is victory. We stand in faith not looking at what we see but looking at the face of the ONE who made it all and owns it all.

Arise O LORD in your righteous anger. Stand up against the fury of our enemies. Stand up and calm the storm of tyranny. Stand up and bring justice to the innocent and condemn the guilty. Come and rule among us. Come and judge these evil doers. End the rule of the fraudulent wicked and defend the righteous ones through the earth.

O LORD GOD! You are our shield and you save those hearts who are pure and right. You are the honest judge and are angry at the wicked. Come and shine your light of truth and light up the path of the wicked and reveal their plots and plans. Thwart them and cause them to fall into the trap they have set for the righteous. Thwart them and cause the violence they plan to fall on their own heads. Thwart them and cause them to fail and fail swiftly.

Open the eyes of the people to see the truth. Perfect your will and your way among us and dispel the darkness from before us.

We thank you for your constant love. We thank you for your unfailing mercy for those who call upon your name. We bless your name. We give you the praise and the honor that is due your holy and righteous name.

We thank you because you are just. You are righteous. You will withhold no good thing from those who love you and call upon your name. You are in control. You are in charge. We are complete in you and we praise you for who you are, what you have done and what you will do in America and the Nations of the earth.

In Jesus name. Amen and amen.



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