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God Is The Rock


We cry out in desperation for you. Not as ones in the state of despair. But as ones unified in hearts and spirits. Crying out for you! Crying out for unity. We need a strong rock to stand on when the winds of division assail us.

A foolish and senseless people set out for destruction. A crooked and perverse generation seeks to divide everyone. Turning nation against nation. Turning brother against brother. Turning black against white. And white against black. Children against parents. We say no! No more.

The enemy seeks to divide. He wants the church divided. He wants America divided. He wants the President divided from the people. He wants races divided. He has divided families and homes. He has divided mommas from their babies before they are even born. He seeks to divide. Then to destroy. And then to devour. We say no! No more! We bind ourselves together as the church of the Living God and raise up a standard.

We are aware of the plans of the enemy. We call on the Lord of the Angel Armies to come and divide the camp of the enemy. You! Oh Mighty One! Rise up and divide and destroy and devour his evil plans. Against the President and America and her people. We see your plan. Enemy of our souls. Beware! There is a remnant rising that is pushing pushing pushing back your gates. Your gates of hell. We. Push. Back.

Oh Lord! Open our eyes to evil divisive plans. Remove the murky clouds of dark that surround the leftist media. They are dividing and plundering this country with blatant lies. They have no remorse. They have no respect for anyone or anything. They disrespect the office of the President. Shame! Be upon them. They are a disgrace to their profession.

We declare a blackout over this pathetic, socialist media. Stop the watch! Turn off the TV, iphone and iPad. Shred the newspaper. Unfollow them on Facebook. Oh Lord! We need to tune them out and tune into You. We need to turn off the negative report and believe the report of the Lord. How long? How long? Oh Lord must we endure their constant, incessant tearing down of America? We must cast our eyes upon Jesus who is the truth speaker. Oh yes! Your truth sets the captives free. Your truth quickens our hearts.

Bind our hearts together in the church. We have a common cause. Jesus! His is a kingdom without end. Bind us together with love. With cords that cannot easily broken. Give us spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear the truth. Unite the body of Christ for the common cause of saving the lost.

We need the healer of our hearts to come and unite us. You are the only one who can. We humbly ask for your help. The devil knows. He knows if we are divided that we cannot stand. We declare unity over the church and America.

United we stand on the firm foundation of the Lord Most High. He is just. He is fair. He does no wrong to us. He is The Rock.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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