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Founded on the Rock!

El Shaddai!

The one with ultimate power over all. You see the rainstorm in America! Torrents of fraud rain down on our Nation. Torrents of tyranny and anarchy. Torrents of politicians snd public officials who have sold their souls to the devil. Torrents of communist evil have invaded our land.

We declare over this deluge of rain seeking to wash away our foundation and destroy us from within. You will NOT have your way. This Nation was founded on God. We have a solid foundation. You cannot and will not just wash us away. We return to the roots of our founding fathers and declare this is One Nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

We declare over our enemies. The Lord himself will come with a shout and scatter you from the face of the earth. He will loose his Spirit winds and blow away your evil intent. Even now! The Lord will not suffer with you for long. He will destroy your mighty kingdoms and strongholds. He has sent the Hosts of Heaven and even now they fight for us!

Ho! Devil and your demonic minions and puppets! You cannot withstand the POWER of El Shaddai. Even though you ATTACK us savagely from every direction. Even though you HARASS us at every turn. Even though you SHOOT arrows in the dark at specific targets. Even though your minions regurgitate lies until they start to believe them. We know what you are and your true colors have been revealed. You are vipers. You are hypocrites. You are the lowest of low and the vilest of vile. You are gnats that we smash and flick away with the tips of our fingers.

This is what the Lord says!

So IGNORE THEM. They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch. Matthew 15:14

So enemy! We put you fully in your place. UNDER OUR FEET and in the ditch! In the name of Jesus. We decree and declare the sovereign RULE of the Lord to descend upon the Supreme Court. We decree and declare the sovereign RULE of the Lord to descend upon America. We decree and declare the sovereign RULE of the Lord to descend upon the House and the Senate. We decree and declare the sovereign RULE of the Lord to descend in every State across this Nation.

O Sovereign Lord! Unite the states in this Texas lawsuit. United States come forth and take a stand! Take back your rights and take back this Nation! Take back your authority! We call forth the United States to stand up and fight for us, our President and our freedom.

In the name of Jesus! We rebuke this Jezebel spirit with the authority that the Lord has given us as priests and kings of his kingdom. We shred you with the sword of the Lord. We declare His kingdom will rule and reign in America. We will bow only to him.

We rebuke this Spirit of Fear and delusional paranoia people have over covid. We will not bow to this covid hoax. We rebuke this lying spirit setup over propaganda media, politicians and public officials. We rebuke the devil. HE IS A LIAR! We stand up and declare to the face of the enemy. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH.

Greater greater greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world. Greater is he within AMERICA than he that is in the world. We declare America’s beacon of hope, light and spreading the gospel truth will not be snuffed out. We will shine brightly for Jesus! Oh yes! We will shine like the morning sun as our redeemer opens the windows of heaven to deliver us!

We stand as Christians. We stand as Patriots. We will not collapse under pressure but will be strengthened by the JOY of the Lord. We stand up and fight with our faces set like flint. There is a grit in our teeth. Our feet are firmly planted on the solid rock Christ Jesus. We TAKE BACK America!

In Jesus name. So be it!


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