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Expose the Wicked

🇺🇸 Whispers and ROARS 🇺🇸

We ROAR out judgement and justice over every lying public official, health official and politician. Expose the lies! Expose the wicked! All across America. In every state, city and county.

Expose them! Expose those who are lying, cheating, fabricating and obfuscating COVID numbers. Every last one. From the least deceptive to the greatest deceptive. Expose them. Recall them. Remove them.

We rise up in righteous anger! Oh yes! Enough is enough! Let the truth be revealed over this obvious attempt to hold the American People hostage! Enough!

We call down the wrath of the Lord upon those who are debilitating and destroying people’s lives and their livelihoods. O Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Hold them accountable in the courts of the land and the courts of heaven!

So be it!


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