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Defiant Exit!

O Hallelujah!

LORD we thank you for your Word. It is LIFE. It is HELP. It is HOPE. It sets our hearts on fire. It shows examples. It gives direction and correction. It gives us just what we need all the time. And especially during these current days when we see our freedoms being taken and lives being ruined by the demigods and oligarchs who THINK they are in control. Well, we have news for them!

We are the Church! And though some may still be hiding in the caves and bowing down to this nonsense. THERE IS A HOLY REMNANT standing in DEFIANCE to the devil and his demonic works in America and the Nations. We DEFY the enemy! We DEFY his plans, plots and schemes! We DEFY every lie and deception that spews forth. We hold up our shield of faith and deflect this demonic onslaught!

We look to JEHOVAH to rescue us! We look to JEHOVAH to set the earth right. We look to JEHOVAH to lead us out in the very presence of our enemies. Just like Israel when they DEFIANTLY, BOLDLY, COURAGEOUSLY AND TRIUMPHANTLY left the slavery of Egypt. O Hallelujah!

“This is the route the Israelites followed as they marched out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses and Aaron.

At the LORD’s direction, Moses kept a written record of their progress. These are the stages of their march, identified by the different places where they stopped along the way.

They set out from the city of Rameses in EARLY SPRING -on the fifteenth day of the first month - on the morning after the first Passover celebration.

The people of Israel LEFT DEFIANTLY, IN FULL VIEW of all the Egyptians.” Numbers‬ ‭33:1-3‬

Woohoo!!!! How this blesses my soul! We come into agreement with the Word of the LORD - right now - in EARLY SPRING! We join the band of believers traveling to a better land! We’ve got on our marching boots!

We consider how Moses and Aaron led the DEFIANT parade! O Hallelujah! I feel this in my spirit! Moses, the one whom God KNEW BY NAME. And he knows my name. And he knows your name. And he will surely lead us out!

"The Lord said to Moses, 'I will also do this thing of which you have spoken; for you have found favor in My sight and I have KNOWN you by name.’” Exodus 33:17

O Hallelujah! We are NOT the forgotten of the LORD. He cannot forget His own. We are the FAVORED of the LORD! Our names are written on the palms of his hands. Our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He is our Father. We are his children.

O Father! Come to your people. Give HOPE and COURAGE. Pull the veil from the eyes of your church. Pull the veil from the pastor’s eyes that bow to this woke culture. Their aim is to please man more than please God. Their fear is of man rather than God. Come Holy Ghost Fire of God and send a cleansing revival to your church and let it spread like wildfire to the lost and the hopeless.

Thank you LORD that YOU are leading us out of this madness that surrounds us. Thank you LORD for the remnant. Thank you LORD for those standing in the gap! Thank you LORD for brothers and sisters in Christ who have linked hearts and spirits all across America and the Nations. Bless them! Protect them! Provide for them! Cause the wells of your Spirit to overflow and surround them and their families.

We will stand tall and straight. We will declare the GOODNESS OF THE LORD! We declare the LORD is on our side and WHO can stand against! We stand rock solid in Christ Jesus. We stand in DEFIANCE of the devil and his demonic lies and deception. We stand on the Word of God and he will TRIUMPHANTLY lead us out IN FULL VIEW of our enemies!

So be it! In Jesus name.




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