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We declare the blessing of the LORD over America.

We declare the LORD will go before her and behind her. The LORD will place his hand of blessing upon the “true” head of America. The LORD will surround America as a shield.

We declare that even when the enemies of America come against her - they will stumble and fall.

We declare the Spirit of the LORD is upon America to be her source of strength and hope. The presence of the LORD dwells among us and we will not be easily shaken.

We declare the the hand of the LORD will guide America and his strength will support her.

We declare that even though the darkness tries to hide America her light shall continue to shine forth as a beacon of hope and freedom for the Nations of the earth.

We declare the LORD has knit America together from the days of our Founding Fathers. We stand in covenant with God. We stand as One Nation Under God.

We declare that the LORD has recorded the past, present and future of America. Every moment has been laid out and America shall reach her destiny!

We declare that America shall be saved!

We declare all of these things in the name of Jesus!

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