Darkness cannot prevail.

Almighty God.

We curse the darkness set up over our Nation’s Capitol. We curse the darkness that seeks to snuff out the lights of freedom in America. In the name of Jesus. This present darkness cannot overcome the light. In the name of Jesus. The darkness will NOT prevail. The darkness will NOT succeed. We declare! The glory of the LORD will obliterate the darkness and bring the light of truth.

Our God is the LORD! He is El Elohim. The Most High God. He alone is the God who will NOT be mocked. He alone is the God who will part the Red Sea. He alone will pull down these demonic strongholds from their high and lofty places. He alone will uncover the darkness that seems to run like a river through the land. He alone will break up and smash these human trafficking rings. He alone will smash the rings of pedophilia across the nations of the earth.

O Merciful LORD! Come and rescue the children from these vile, perverted demonic hordes. Save the children! Protect the children! We plead the BLOOD OF JESUS over the children! Let not one of these despicable human beings escape that seek to harm or have harmed even just the hairs of the children’s heads. Strip the evil ones of their power. Dry up their funds. Bind their hands and feet. Disarm them. Lead them away in chains and let disgrace rest on their heads. Let the justice and punishment of the Courts of Heaven be pronounced upon them.

O Light of the World! Come and uncover all the hidden mysteries in the darkness. Bring your light to the deepest gloom. Bring revival to the land. Bring salvation and repentance to the lost. We humble ourselves before you as our Heavenly Father and beseech you to intervene on our behalf. Cover our land with your GLORY and let your presence cascade down from the heavens. Protect us from the evil one and change the course of this Nation.

We declare! What the enemy meant for evil our LORD will turn it around for the good. We declare! The goodness of the LORD to rest upon America and the Nations. We declare! Nothing is too hard for the LORD! We declare! The battle is the LORD’s! We know that our Redeemer lives and He will stand upon the earth and no foe, no enemy, no weapon and no demon can stand against Him.

The LORD knows the path. The LORD knows the way. He is the KING! He has the keys. He has the crown. He will extend his royal scepter over America and rescue us from this demonic dirge setup against us. He knows exactly what He is doing. We will come out as pure gold when this test has passed. We will stand as the REMNANT and not be moved! Ho! We certainly will not be moved and we wait for the waters to part.

Our God is a Rock. Our God is a hiding place. Our God is a shelter from the storm. We are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. We are more than OVERCOMERS. We are CONQUERORS. We are VICTORIOUS. We are TRIUMPHANT. God is on our side and he fights for us. Nothing nothing nothing can stop our God!

So be it! In Jesus name.