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Can we take just a moment to stop and praise you. You have opened your generous hands and blessed us. You are fair and righteous in everything that you do. You draw near when we call. You hear us when we pray and you bring us your saving strength. Selah.

Can we take just a moment to thank you for America. What a miracle nation. What a blessing of hope and freedom to the Nations of the earth. What a place of hope and freedom. Thank you for America! O Father continue to shed your grace on America.

Can we take just a moment and thank you for President Trump. What a blessing he has been for this Nation. What a champion for the people. What a champion for freedom. What a champion for the church. Thank you. Thank you for President Trump. Thank you for touching and healing him. Continue to strengthen his body, mind and spirit.

Can we take just a moment and thank you for Vice President Pence. What a victory in the debate! What an asset that he is to President Trump and to America. Thank you for this faithful servant of the Lord. Thank you that he faithfully serves this Nation. We declare blessing and favor on him for a thousand generations!

Abba. Amidst all this maniacal mess. We just need to stop and praise you for your faithfulness to us. All of our hope is in you. All of our help is in you. Man will falter. Man will fail. But you O Merciful Lord. You will never fail us.

But those who hope in the Lord will be happy and pleased! Our help comes from the God of Jacob! You keep all your promises. You are the Creator of heaven’s glory, earth’s grandeur, and ocean’s greatness. Thank you for this vast, brilliant and beautiful world. What a creation! What a Creator!

What a wonderful God that we serve. Come! Be with us! Give us strength for today and hope for tomorrow. You are the Lord! You reign over your never-ending kingdom through all the ages of time and eternity.

We lay these next few weeks at the feet of Jesus. The one who came with the sword to divide. The one who gave his life to conquer death, hell and the grave. The one who is our conquering King of Glory. He has conquered! Oh! How great and mighty is He.

There is absolutely nothing his power can not accomplish! There is nothing that he can’t do. No demon in hell that he can’t cast out. No stronghold that he cannot break. No ruler of darkness that he cannot dethrone. Jesus! He is the Lord! Come be the Lord over America once again. Do not leave us.

He has strengthened us for battle. He has made our feet like hinds feet to walk on the high places. We will run and not grow weary. We will walk and not faint. We will carry the victory banner high with shouts of praise to the Creator of heaven’s glory! Praise to the Lord of all Creation.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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