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Come Jesus Come

O Jesus!

Our Healer and Deliverer. Our Messiah and Saviour. The one and only Blessed Hope of the world. Come! O Jesus Come!

Come and forgive us.

Come and save us.

Heal us.

Help us.

Come and deliver us.

Come and protect us.

Surround us.

Shield us.

Come and lead us.

Come and guide us.

Shepherd us.

Comfort us.

Come and be our gentle shepherd as our hearts wait, and long, and yearn for your return. Come! O Jesus Come!

In Jesus name.


Take a listen to this absolutely beautiful anthem. May it fill your hearts with the comfort and peace that our King is soon returning to take us home!

Last week’s Signs of the Times with Pastor Mark. It’s a good one with a lot of Biblical

Prophetic insight. Just click HERE.

Blessings and Happy Memorial Day. 🇺🇸



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Profoundly beautiful song. Thank you for sharing.

Have a blessed Memorial Day.


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