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Come and Thunder

Lord of the Heavens.

We need to hear your voice. We need to hear it loud and clear. Come speak over us. Come speak to us. Speak over the raucous voices that surround us. Speak over the lies and deception. Speak truth. Speak your peace. Speak your comfort. Speak your joy. Speak your Word.

Oh Lord. Come thunder over us tonight. Come soaring down to us on the wings of the wind. Let your thundering voice resound through America. Let your voice resound through our cities and streets. Let the hallelujahs roll from your worshiping church. Call the church from the caves. Call the church to worship and let your glory fill the temple of our hearts. Give us fresh manna to strengthen us.

Come thunder over our enemies. Thunder over the enemies of America and President Trump and his Administration. Thunder over the enemies until they rattle and fall. Shoot your arrows and scatter them a hundred different ways. Confuse them with great bolts of your lightning. Blast your breath across this land and cleanse it from filth and corruption. Cleanse it from injustice. Cleanse it from division and strife.

Oh Merciful Lord. This nation is in great distress. Our enemies seize this moment of weakness to take America out. But there is a God in heaven. And he has a Remnant! Oh yes! And the Remnant is alive and well. And we are aware of the schemes of the enemy. Be on notice! You enemies of the Lord Most High. The Lord has seen us. He has revealed himself to us. He has raised us up and empowered us. We stand strong together in the gap over America.

We will not be shaken. We say again. We will not be shaken. To the faithful he shows himself faithful. He is a lamp for our feet. He lights up our darkness. With the strength of the Lord we will crush the armies of the enemy and scale their walls. His promises are true and he is our shield of protection. He is our rock. Oh! Yes he is!

He arms us with strength and courage. Arm the church. Arm your remnant. Arm the people across the land. Arm President Trump and Vice President Pence. Arm the Frontline Doctors. Arm Attorney General Barr and his team. Arm all the moral and righteous leaders. Arm teachers and doctors and nurses. Arm moms and dads. Arm us all with strength and courage! Yes! Strength and courage rise up. Rise up! Rise up! Fear be gone! In the mighty name of Jesus.

You have given us a shield of victory. Yes! Your right hand supports us. Yes! Your help makes us great! Yes! We stay on your wide path and you will keep our feet from slipping. And you will send our enemies sliding down down down to destruction. Oh! Yes you will!

We listen for the sound of your thundering voice as you come to subdue our enemies. Yes! You will subdue our enemies under our feet!

In Jesus name. Amen.

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