the 50 day call to Fast & Pray

We have just 50 DAYS to the election. Inquire of the Lord about joining our Prayer and Holy Fast. Ask him how and what he would have you to fast (based on what you are able to do). This is between you and God.

Consecration is denying yourself worldly pleasures like television or social media etc. Fasting is denying yourself food. You can fast meals, sweets or carbs, meats, coffee or cokes and the list goes in.

We will do nightly prayer vigils until the election. You can in when you are able and if your time allows. Come along on this holy journey of PRAYER AND HOLY FAST as we cry out over America in the days to come.

We will be doing NIGHTLY PRAYER VIGILS in the Facebook We Pray America Prayer Group.

Won't you join us for the sake of your children and your children's children?