Welcome to We Pray America!

This is what we do as Christians.

We pray and take action until He comes.

We will not bend to the will of the enemy.

We will not bow to this tyranny.

We stand strong. We Hold the Line.

GOD is working ALL things out for our good!

We love God. We are His People.

We love our Country. We are Patriots.

We love Freedom. We are Americans.

The government does not give us Freedom.
God gives us Freedom!

We will not bend. We will not bow.

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We have not been given the Spirit of Fear! We have been given power! We have been given love! We have been given a sound mind! 2 Timothy 1:7

Go HERE to get information on No Trespassing if government agents come to your door asking about the "shot". Important info whether you've had it or not!


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Hey there. I'm Cheryl. This is my blog. I tried this years ago. It didn't work so well. I couldn't think of anything to say. That's kinda funny actually. But, in the Age of Covid19, Chaos and Calamity, something really out of the ordinary happened ...

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You have rights! We cannot let them take our God given rights and civil liberties! We are free Americans!


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Take Off The Mask!

The Enemy is Defeated!

I put your enemies under your feet. Matthew 22:44

The Enemy! He is Crushed!
He is Defeated!
His Weapons Will Not Prosper!
We are the Head and
Not the Tail!
We are more than Overcomers!
We are Conquerors!