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Yours Is The Kingdom


All across America. Protect us from the evil one. Rescue us from his evil schemes. They are notorious for wreaking havoc in our lives. He conveys his secret strategies to divide and conquer. That’s the plan! He stirs his boiling cauldron of bitterness and hate.

It’s spills into our city streets all across America. It’s spilling over into the church. He drips his insidious deceit. He drips drips drips. Chipping away at hearts and minds. We say! We are aware of your devices. Enemy! We praise praise praise. Praise is our weapon! Praise is our weapon! Praise is our weapon! Your dripping lies cannot flood our praise away! We shout hallelujah! We declare! Almighty God. Maker of heaven and earth! Yours is the kingdom! Yours is the power! Yours is the glory!

Jesus! Come to us. Rescue us from our own follies. You understand each of us. You know everything about us. You know every movement in our soul. You know every heartbeat of our hearts. You are so intimately aware of us. You know our words. You know our steps. You know our thoughts. You know our deep wounds. You see our bleeding hearts and crying eyes. Don’t let the enemy hijack our emotions. No! Set us free from the designs the evil one has set against us. Yours is the kingdom!

You see us. When we hurt. When we cry. When we’re sad. When we’re bitter. When we’re angry. Oh Jesus! Savior of the World! Can we cast our eyes upon you? Can you see each of us in our sorrow and pain? Can we look at each other with eyes of love instead of eyes of malice? Can you clear up all of the misunderstandings? Can we be our brother’s keeper? Can you be the keeper our hearts? Yes! We know you can! Yours is the kingdom!

You! Most Holy and Righteous One. You tell us to love our enemies. To respond to hatred with prayer. So here we are. Lifting one another up to you. Oh! Glorious Jesus! Can you bind our hearts together? Can you bind our spirits together? We are not each other’s enemy. The enemy is the enemy! Open our eyes to see his devious plan. We will not succumb to his deceit. We will speak these things into existence! In America. In the church. In the nations. We will speak only of your goodness and mercy. We will speak the words of Jesus! They are spirit and they are life! Yours is the kingdom!

Hallelujah! All across America. From the President to pastors to police to protestors. From looters and rioters to store and shop owners. Mend the hurting hearts of the broken-hearted all across the land. Melt the wicked hearts of the abusers and accusers. Make all of our hearts tender. Make them break for what breaks yours. Almighty God. We declare! Victory over America. Victory over the President. Victory over the economy. Victory over the church. Victory over the devil. Victory over division. We declare victory!

Jesus! Yours is the kingdom! Yours is the glory! Yours is the power! Forever and ever! Amen!

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