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Your Majestic Name


Oh Lord of the heavens. Oh Father up above. Your name is even higher than the heavens. Your glory surrounds us at every turn. Your goodness chases us down. We sing of your mercies. We sing of your strength. We praise you with our whole hearts. We tell of the wondrous things that you have done.

You silence your enemies and all those who oppose you. You silence them! You fight for those who fight against us. You fight them! You are before us leading the charge. Yet you still surround us on all sides and remain our rearguard. The mere mention of your name causes the enemy to tremble. They must stagger and sway in your presence. Demons have to flee. Darkness must run and hide the other way. You are God!

We call out for you to be our righteous judge and judge in our favor. Rebuke our enemies and destroy the wicked ones. They will become an endless ruin. Erase their names forever from before us. Many are they across this Nation that have set out to destroy America and your Church. They rise up to stop us. To oppress us and silence us. They will not.

Oh! Lord Most High. Come and be our shelter from this storm. Do not abandon those who search for you day and night. We call out to you in the darkness. You will hear our cries. You do not forsake your own. We trust in you! Oh yes! We trust in you! You are the Lord Most High! You will come like the rain. You will come like the rain. You will come like the rain.

We declare! The Lord reigns! The Lord reigns over America. The Lord reigns over President Trump and this election. The Lord reigns over covid19. The Lord reigns over injustice. The Lord reigns over anarchy. You reign in majesty and power. Great and mighty are your deeds! They are unforgettable. They are unfathomable. They are unshakeable. You are undeniably God. And we bow before you in humble adoration.

Arise! Oh God! Arise over our enemies. Make them tremble in fear at the mention of your name. We have asked you to come to them in dreams and night visions. We ask again for you to make yourself known among our enemies. Make yourself known among the nations of the earth. You are God!

Come in your great power and might! Come and move the mighty mountains that are towering over us in every direction. Come! Come! Oh Merciful One and show us mercy and grace in our time of need. Come and intervene on our behalf. Come and do what only your can do. You’re our Savior. Our Lord and soon coming King. We stand before you redeemed. We stand as your children. No longer slaves to sin and joint heirs to the kingdom. We are free indeed!

We rise up with the authority of the Lord. We declare that we are more than overcomers. Oh yes! We are conquerors! We will conquer the enemy. We cast down strongholds over this Nation. We cast down principalities and powers set up over this Nation. We cast down rulers in high places. We cast down seducing spirits. In Jesus name. We take back what the enemy has stolen. What the enemy meant for evil you will turn it around for good. Oh yes. You will turn it around.

We declare that you are the waymaker when there seems to be no way. We declare that you open doors that we cannot even see. We declare victory in the face of our enemies. We declare that the Church will rise as the victorious Bride of Christ. We declare that we will stand in the face of the enemy and shout the praises of the Lord. We declare we will not be silenced. We declare all these things in the mighty name of Jesus!

So we look in awe toward the heavens and we see all of your glorious works. We see how great and mighty you are. We see that your glory is higher than the heavens. We know that your majestic name fills all the earth. You are God!

In Jesus name. So be it!

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