Your Enduring Faithfulness

Father God.

Give us revelation about your ways. Give us understanding hearts. Guide us along the paths that please you. Cause our hearts to bow before your wisdom. Keep our eyes from deception and from worthless things. They are rampant in our land.

Oh Lord. Give us life through your Word. Reassure us of your promises. Renew us with your goodness. Show us your unfailing love. Keep your words of truth in front of us. Help us to concentrate on you and your ways. You are our hope. You are our help. Your promises are yes and amen. Your promises revive us.

Oh! What great and precious promises you have given us. Be merciful as you promised. We need your mercy over America and over our President. We need your mercy over covid. We need your mercy over our enemies. Your Word declares your mercies are new every morning. Surround us with your tender mercies so we can live. Really live!

Our hope is in your Word. We strain. We push. We press. We look to see your promises come true. We wait for you to punish those who persecute us. These arrogant people who hate your instructions and try to trap us. They hunt us down without a cause. In your unfailing love, spare us. Spare our Country. Spare our President. Spare our people. We look to you. We need you. We trust in you.

Your Word is eternal. It stands firm in heaven. Your faithfulness extends to every generation. It endures as long as the earth you created. We declare! Great is your faithfulness to us Oh Lord. You are our strength and our song in the night. Help us maneuver through these perilous times. Give us wisdom. Give us revelation. Give us what we need. We need you.

Let us feel your presence surround us. Let us feel your Holy Spirit comfort us. Let us feel your love warm us. Let us always remember that you are faithful. Selah.

In Jesus name. Amen.