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You Will Give Us Victory


We look to your Word for clarity. For vision. For revelation. We look to your Word for hope in troubled times. Speak to us today out of your abundance. Touch our hearts and anoint our lips as we cry out for America. We fight for this Nation today. We stand and fight against our enemies. We push back the gates of hell.

We declare the Word of the Lord over this Nation. O Lord. Fight for us! Lift up your spear and javelin! Harass the hecklers. Accuse our accusers. Fight those who fight against us. Oh yes! Do it Lord today. We say! Many are those who rise up against us from every direction. Way too many to count. From corrupt politicians to out of control rioters to inconsistent covid reports. But you! Oh Mighty One. You take the least and make it the most. You gave Gideon 300 and he defeated thousands. You can do it again! You can do it for us!

Put on your armor. Oh Lord. Raise up your shield and protect us. Rise up! Oh Mighty God. Grab your weapons of war and block the way of the wicked who come to fight us. Block their way. Block them so they can’t even turn around. Push their backs up against the wall. They will be stuck like a fly on wallpaper. Yes! Stuck to the wall. In Jesus name. Bind these evil seducing spirits running through the land. Bind them with your mighty hand and outstretched arm and cast them away.

Lost Most High. Stand for us when they stand against us. Humiliate those who seek our harm. Humiliate those who seek to harm America. Who seek to harm the President and his Administration. Defeat them all! Frustrate their plans and drive them back. Oh yes! The Angel of the Almighty God will drive them back. Back so far they cannot be seen or heard. Back to their own depths of despair. Disgrace them as they have devised their plans to disgrace us.

Make the road in front of them slippery darkness. With the Angel of the Lord chasing them away. Surprise them with your ambush Lord. And catch them in the very trap they have set for us. Let them be the ones to fall and fail into destruction. The enemy and his evil minions cannot defeat the Lord! They cannot defeat the church. We rise up over our enemies today and sing the song of deliverance!

We will rejoice because of your awe inspiring deliverance. We stand in awe at your mighty works through you the ages. We stand in awe of your offer of forgiveness, salvation, redemption and freedom even among our enemies. We will sing there is no one like you Lord. We give you all the glory. We give you all the praise. You are high and lifted up and your train fills the temple. There is no one like our God!

Oh yes! We will sing of the glory of the Lord. You are great! You are mighty. You are all powerful. Pick up your sword and shield and stand guard over us. You will give us the victory!

So be it!


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